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Buckingham Palace

If you’re like us, you’re waiting with bated breath for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19. There’s been nothing but buzz about the nearing nuptials ever since the couple announced their engagement in November.

Followers of the royal family know all the facts about the wedding, from the fairytale venue location at Windsor Castle, all the way down to the buttercream frosting chosen for their wedding cake. They’re even keeping tabs on some rumors, such as, “Will the Spice Girls really perform at the reception (and can we come??)?”

What they probably don’t know is that our team at Quicken Loans actually helped Harry and Megan finance their castle. Well… not exactly the royal engaged couple, but we did help some clients finance their home and sent a surprise package to them to commemorate the wedding. This couple’s names? Harrison and Megan.

In honor of the upcoming royal wedding, we treated our Harry and Megan to a basket of items inspired by the royal family: a royal tea blend, “H” and “M” monogramed mugs, a book on royal weddings, a crown cookie cutter set, preserves, English biscuits, even a corgi-shaped flower planter – Queen Elizabeth herself couldn’t have picked a better selection!

While we couldn’t get them the keys to Buckingham Palace, we were happy to be able to help with the financing of their own personal “castle.”

A Royal Surprise

How We Helped Our Clients Harry and Megan Finance Their Castle - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Quicken Loans clients Harrison and Megan didn’t know what to expect when a package from their mortgage company arrived on their Tennessee porch one morning in May. Was there a mistake? Did a friend or family reuse the box for this delivery?

The confusion continued as they started opening the box, revealing royal goodies. What did this mean? After all, Harrison usually goes by his middle name, Smith, so what did “Harry” have to do with it?

It wasn’t until a call from the Quicken Loans Servicing team that they understood.

“We didn’t even put it together,” jokes Harrison. “We got the call the next day. It was a pleasant surprise. And then afterwards, we enjoyed sharing the story with family members!”

Harrison’s experience with Quicken Loans started after he had already purchased his home. Looking for a better rate and a shorter term than his 30-year mortgage, he began looking for a lender.

“Quicken Loans had the best rate by far,” says Harrison. “I was skeptical at first, because I knew it is a bigger company. But my agent was nice and he listened to what my needs were. Everything he said was spot on.”

Harrison refinanced to a 15-year term with Quicken Loans and is happy with his experience. He also appreciates things like the company culture.

“[My agent] had talked about the team experience at Quicken Loans, which is not something you often hear. It’s the little things,” says Harrison.

While we all can’t be royalty, a new house is like a castle and the pride of homeownership can make anyone feel like a king or queen. If renting is a royal pain for you, get started online with Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans and let us help you finance your own castle.

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  1. I loved reading the story about what Quicken Loans did for Harrison and Megan in Tennessee! It really makes your company more personable and not just black and white when working with your clients. We love Quicken Loans and have had a mortgage in place with you now for almost 5 years and are in the middle of trying to buy another home. Everything has gone very smoothly with the Quicken Loans end of the deal…we’re just having issues with home after home after home (appraisal results, inspection results, specific contingencies), but we have faith and hopes that it’ll work out in the end. I cannot thank my Quicken Loans team enough for hanging in there with my husband and me for over a year as we’ve been involved in finding and trying to close on a new home!

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your sentiments. We’ll stick with you until you get a home. It’s why we come to work. Keep your head up!

  2. I am 64 on sad and have went thru a medical emergency. Type1 diabetes divorce after 20 yrs twins and one tried suicide after divorce bullied at school since 8th grade will be graduating next year playing softball and doing better in life. I need a home for these kids all they want is a dog…my credit score is poor but I pay every. Month on time $800 for rent. The house the girls found is $75k which would cut my pymnt in half. Can I get some royal treatment to give these girls a home again…..please I am begging for them

    1. Hi Margaret:

      That sounds like a very difficult situation to have gone through. I’m glad things are going a little bit better for you personally at this point. I’m going to suggest you go ahead and speak with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716. If we can help you now, great. If not, we can still go over your financial profile and determine the best course of action to get you where you want to be going forward, whether it’s for this house or another one that comes on the market in the future. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to look into things for you. Good luck!

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