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As one year ends and a new one begins, the Zing blog wishes everyone a safe and happy New Year!

While you’re making resolutions and starting your plans for 2017, we want to help!

Check out these tips to start 2017 out on the right foot.

Ten Surefire Ways to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Teenage girls celebrate and smile with sparklers close up shot

You can get a jumpstart on 2017 by strategizing a plan of attack for your New Year’s resolutions. According to 2013 research from the University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve their resolutions. That says there’s a lot of room for improvement on how to successfully make and keep your goals for 2017. Start planning ahead today! Here are 10 tips that are certain to help you cross the finish line. (Read more…)

Zing Podcast: How to Lose Weight or Quit Smoking

woman drinking water after a long run

If you’re like many Americans, the start of a new year brings with it the excitement and promise of self-improvement. Around half of us commit to a New Year’s resolution every year, according to a University of Scranton study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, but only around 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution. (Read more…)

Resolve Bad Spending Habits in the New Year

Resolve Bad Spending Habits in the New Year - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

The first step to recovery is admitting where the problems lie. We asked financial experts to share common consumer problems and their impact. We also included a handy dandy infographic with tips on how to keep your financial resolutions. (Read more…)

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