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3 Great Ways to Hide Television Cables - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image courtesy of LifeMadeSimple on Tumblr.

So you finally bought yourself that 72” plasma screen television you’ve been dreaming about. You get home from the store and set up your ideal home entertainment system in a flash. Then you sit down on the couch flick on the television and can’t take your eyes off the – no not the screen – but the millions of exposed cables dangling from your television. Pesky cables can absolutely throw of the feng shui of your ideal home – so here are a few ways you can hide them.

Hide Them in the Walls

Cords in the wall eh? Now you’re talking my language! This is ideal for people who own their own place because if you’re renting, you may have to deal with restrictions from landlords or leasing companies. If you do own your own home, this option works best for a mounted television because the cords tend to dangle unpleasantly.

To get started, cut one hole into the wall (preferably within the wall mount) near the area where the cords extend out from the television. Cut a second hole near your the cable box, Blu-ray player, game systems, etc. Tie all of the cords together with plastic cable ties or around fish tape (available at hardware stores) and drop them into the top hole. Grab and pull the cords through the bottom hole and plug them in to the designated areas. An extension cord may need to be used depending on the length of the television cables.

Buy a Television Cord Cover Kit

These kits are a fairly inexpensive way to cover those annoying cords. For around $30, you can get yourself a snap-on cord cover. Most are a very easy to install: just a few turns of the screwdriver, and you’re good to go. Also, most can be painted, so you can match the color of your wall. These kits come in different shapes and sizes for all situations. If your television sits a little lower on a stand, with cords running along the floor, there are also covers that lay flat on the ground, which hide and protect cords from being tripped over or unplugged.

Disguise with Decorations

Throw up some framed photos, a plant, a mirror, or anything else that can be hung decoratively to disguise these dangling cords. You can even use cords to create clever wall art, like this example from Brit.co. Reach deep into your inner artist, use your right brain and get creative.

Have you had to deal with unappealing television cords before? Share your experiences in the comments section below!



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