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America, what are you grateful for? We’d love to know.

Recently, some of us were talking about things we’re grafeful for this holiday season and Ryan, our director of video, came up with an interesting idea: Set up a camera and chair in beautiful Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit (across the street from our national headquarters) and ask Quicken Loans team members walking by to tell us what they’re grateful for.

gratefulThe answers probably aren’t surprising, and include the things you’d expect: family, friends, a great job, health and a car that doesn’t break down. A car that doesn’t break down when it’s snowy and freezing cold is definitely something to be grateful for.

Which brings us to to the next point. Gratitude is contagious and the more you see and share it, the more you and others feel it. That’s exactly why we’d love it if you would tell us what you’re grateful for this holiday season. Family, dog, job, friends, food, your home, whatever. Let us know by using #QLgrateful on Twitter or leave a comment here. Heck, you could even leave us a shout out on our Facebook page. Like I said, we’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and one more thing: America, without question, we’re grateful for you. Thank you for making this our best year ever.

Happy holidays, my friends.





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