Two (Free) Tools That Could Revolutionize How You Manage Your Finances - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThe internet is awesome. In addition to an endless supply of workday distractions in the form of cat videos and memes, it also provides some pretty powerful tools.

Anyone using a legal pad, spreadsheet software or pure memory to manage their finances should take a look at these tools. In addition to being free, they’re also powerful and can help organize and optimize your personal finances.

 A Fresh, Free and Function-Loaded Financial Management Suite

I love As a personal finance nerd, I’ve used just about every tool available. What’s great about Mint – aside from the $0 price tag – is the total integration. Enter your bank and credit card account logins and see all of your spending in one place. No more logging into and out of multiple websites.

Mint lets you set bill reminders and personal budgets while tracking everything in real time to keep you current on your progress. It can email you or send texts if your balances are low or if you need to pay a bill. Mint’s Goals tool can even take a look at your overall financial picture and help craft realistic, trackable financial objectives like credit card payoff or emergency fund savings.

Mint is available online, and you can download the app for iOS or Android for on-the-go budgeting and money management.

Bill Management and Account Access for the Digital Age

If you’re an adult, chances are you owe somebody money and somebody sends you bills. The problem with bills is they get misplaced, even the tree-friendly variety that gets emailed.

Manilla is like a filing cabinet that’s smart and organizes all of your accounts. So, in that respect, Manilla is like an internet-connected filing cabinet robot that’s also a personal financial assistant. It keeps track of all of your due dates, statements, bills and other correspondence.

Manilla can manage everything from your credit card accounts to your electric and gas accounts. It stores all of your websites and passwords to give you one-click access to just about any business that you need to pay.

Even if you’re on your own, managing your personal finances can take up a lot of time. Most of us have a couple of bank accounts, a credit card and maybe a loan or two. If you want to spend a minimum amount of time while staying up on the current events in your financial life, these tools can help.

Both are ideal for experienced budgeters that have a fancy spreadsheet, or novices just looking for a way to make sense of it all. Have you used either? Let us know in the comments!

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