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Moving is one of the more annoying things you’ll probably have to do at least once in your life. Not to be Negative Nancy here (or Negative Nate for that matter), but moving involves physical labor and spending money, and it’s typically quite time consuming. But just as there are apps out there that help you avoid traffic, find the best restaurants and get from point A to point B, there are plenty of apps out there that can make the moving process easier. Here are a few of the best apps you should download before your next move.

 Home Move Pro (iPhone)

Home Move Pro is an all-in-one contact-saving, inventory-listing, to-do list-making, note-taking moving app. From clothes to shoes to appliances to plants, you can create folders and lists to keep track of all of your belongings. The contacts section is a great space to keep track of important phone numbers and email addresses that you may need during your move, like a landlord, a mortgage company or movers. Home Move Pro also allows you to create, edit and save multiple to-do lists, each with their own detailed checklists. Home Move Pro is a very good starting point for your moving process.

Moveline (iPhone)

Looking for the best moving company in your area? Moveline is the app for you. After creating an account, you film a video tour of your place or FaceTime with the Moveline people, and they’ll provide you with a detailed inventory of all of your stuff. Once you review the inventory, you can decide what you’d like to take with you to your new address, what you’d like to put in storage and what you’d like to give away. Once the inventory is complete, you can send it and the details of your move to the Moveline team, and they’ll provide guaranteed prices from the best movers in your town. Once you compare prices, reviews and performance stats, a Move Captain will help you book the mover of your choice. The Move Captain will also be there to guide you along the way, making sure your move is a complete success!

My Move (iPhone/Android)

Don’t have an iPhone? Then My Move is the app for you. Just like Moveline, it’s aimed at helping you find the perfect moving company. It gives you the opportunity to compare, rate and review different movers across the United States. The coolest part of this app is that you can request a professional moving quote that can reduce your moving costs up to 25%. My Move also comes with a note-taking option, an editable checklist and a variety of moving tips.

Looking back on my three moves in college, I really wish I had at least one of these apps. It could have saved my roommates and me a lot of time, money and frustration. Hopefully, these apps will do just that for you during your next move!

Have any other apps that could help with your move? Share in the comments section below!


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  1. Great list with apps. Keep in mind that the MoveLine app is no longer available in the app stores and you might want to remove it from the list. Instead you might want to check out the MoveAdvisor app that provides home inventory for people on the move.

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