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Thank you, America.

You’ve ranked us “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination” in the U.S. for the fourth straight year. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your confidence in ranking us higher than any other mortgage company in the country for four years in a row. And words cannot express how pleased we are that we’ve been able to give you such a good mortgage experience over the years.

I think people have the misconception that J.D. Power is an accreditation agency, similar to the ISO or the UF, and that J.D. Power gives its opinion on us when we are ranked highest. That’s not what this award is about.

This award is about the opinion our clients have of us, based on how we treated them vs. the opinions our competitors’ customers have of them. J.D. Power sends out a survey to our closed clients and asks them a variety of questions. They then compare our results against other mortgage companies and they rank the findings. J.D. Power doesn’t have an opinion about Quicken Loans and our customer satisfaction or service. They simply report what our clients tell them.

Like I said, America, we’re grateful for you ranking us higher than every other mortgage company in the land. We put our heart and soul into helping you and knowing the effort pays off with awards like this is truly heartwarming. We do our best to give you the absolute best mortgage experience we can possibly give you. And we’re always trying to improve. You can trust us on that.

Are we always perfect? Of course not. We make mistakes, just like everyone else on Earth. But we learn from our mistakes and try our hardest to not make them twice.

So, again, thank you, for another J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction award. Mortgages can be confusing and complicated because they are most likely the largest financial transaction you’ll ever make. We know that and we do our best to make it as easy and as fast for you as possible. We want you to relax. Because, well, we’ve got you covered.



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  1. Need assistance & have applied for…..
    One response is that I did not qualify
    2nd response said I did , after reviewing my past
    Mortgages. I explained why the fall in my credit report , due to an accident, a widow and lack of
    Help. I am wanting to refinance my current note
    Withe OCWEN @ 5.25 interest rate to a lower rate
    With no closing costs. I am a USAF Veterans
    Widow. @ do have VA PRIVILEGES. My only
    Downfall was getting hurt and scam of soto deductions & identity while in medical care the past 9 yrs. can you refinance with no cash out of my
    Pocket to a 3.0 interstate rate. That’s my question ?

    1. Hi Debbie! I’ve passed your question on to one of our licensed mortgage experts. They will reach out to you soon.

  2. we recomend quicken loans to every one…they did a great job 4 us when we refinanced…thanx again quicken , u r the best…from joseph & carmencita fornaro & family & all our freinds….quicken loans should be the yard stick by which ALL loan companies should be measured…

  3. I am looking to borrow $30000 morgage I can be reached 814-279-9769 I can be reached anytime…thank you

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