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5 Unique Ways to Show Your Home - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAre you unsure how to handle the ups and downs of selling a house? A group of Dutch real estate brokers developed the perfect solution: They thought outside of the box by taking potential buyers on a rollercoaster tour of their property in the Netherlands. An amusement-park ride may be a bit extreme, but we’ve put together some easy ways you can make your house showing more interesting:

Create a Scavenger Hunt

  • Get your potential buyers involved with an open house scavenger hunt. It’ll keep viewers involved in the process and create an easy flow through your house. You can customize your hunt to highlight the best features of your home by placing objects for participants in your favorite rooms.

Highlight Your House’s Best Feature

  • Got an amazing kitchen? Show it off with a quick and easy cooking class for your potential buyers. You don’t have to make anything complicated – just pick a quick, no-cooking recipe that allows your potential buyers to get a feel for the space. You can find multiple ways to highlight your house’s best room for a memorable showing.

In-House Movie Screening

  • You’ll get rave reviews with an in-house movie screening during your showing. It’ll make your space more comfortable, and give guests the opportunity to sit down and enjoy your space for a few minutes. You can even provide popcorn and candy as an inexpensive snack.

Paint Job Party

  • Something as simple as a paint job can keep a potential buyer from putting an offer on a house. You can help your viewers make the space their own, minus the mess, by setting up paint swatch stations in each room of your house. You can pick up hundreds of free color chips from your local hardware store for your viewers to look through. It’s an easy and affordable way to help them imagine what the rooms will look like in their favorite colors, and start to personalize the space.

Picture Perfect

  • Set up a fun photo shoot in the main rooms of your house to help viewers envision themselves in your space and have a little fun. Your potential home buyers will literally be able to picture themselves in their new home, and they’ll have photos to take with them to look over while their making their decision whether to buy.

Have you hosted a unique open house? Did you think of any other interesting ideas that we forgot? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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