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Wrapped steak

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Shopping for holiday gifts is a bit of a minefield, isn’t it? This person likes that, but you don’t know how to pick the best one. That person likes this, but it’s out of your budget or you can’t get it delivered.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. Just think – what’s the one thing that literally everybody likes? It’s food!

Giving great food as a holiday gift makes perfect sense, and it’s easier than ever with services like Omaha Steaks. Here’s a look at five great food gift ideas for your father, siblings, spouse, friends, neighbor, and just about everyone else.

Steaks Gift Packages

All Wrapped Up Freezer Loader

Cover all the tasty bases with a big Omaha Steaks package… the All Wrapped Up Freezer Loader gift box! It even comes already gift wrapped when it arrives at the door.

Wrapped Steak

They’ll be digging into this one for a while – delivered in the frozen cooler are premium aged steaks (filet mignon and top sirloin) plus plenty of high-end pork and chicken, burgers and franks, side dishes and desserts. Sending generous gift packages to families for the holidays because they’ll definitely use it and they’re going to think of you every time they try something new.

The Gift of Wine

Wine is a classic gift never goes out of style, but did you know you don’t have to be there in person to hand it over?

Whether it’s for a valued client or a treasured friend, a wine gift basket delivers the goods. With a complete basket they’ll get more than the wine, too – tasty gourmet snacks to munch on with their glass of red and maybe a bit of sweets for after.

Wine Gift Basket

This is a great way to leave a good impression.

Sending Seafood

The Ocean’s Bounty

You’ve heard of sending steaks, but did you know that you can have seafood delivered as gifts, too?

The Ocean’s Bounty

It works similarly, fish and shellfish are delivered frozen in a cooler with dry ice so they’re in perfect condition. It’s actually the best way to get coastal-fresh seafood, because the fillets are frozen right after catch.

Crock-Pot Meals with FREE Crock-Pot

Chicken and Dumplings

Instead of sending food for someone to enjoy AFTER the holidays, try sending food that makes the holidays themselves a little easier. Having a convenient food gift delivered early will help busy folks immensely during the season, and they’ll be full of thanks by the time the actual holiday rolls around.

Beef Bourguignon

Check our Omaha Steaks new all-included Crock-Pot® Meals for a unique effort-free comfort-food delivery (there’s a even a deal where you’ll get a FREE Crock-Pot® slow cooker, too).

Sweet Gourmet Treats Combo

Sweet Gourmet Treats Combo

If steaks seems too intimidating or you’ve got a vegetarian on your list, consider sending dessert!

Sweet Gourmet Treats Combo

Just about every sweet treat under the sun can be delivered, including cookies, candy, cakes and more. Lots of companies offer seasonal deliveries that can create a new holiday tradition they’ll look forward to year after year, but if you shop with Omaha Steaks this holiday season, you can get 10% off at checkout and free shipping on select packages for being a Zing Blog reader!

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