This Week in Financial Blunders

2014! The start of the New Year is always about making a clean start – rising from the ashes of the previous year and soaring with excitement into the New Year like a baby phoenix. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sentiments and some instead begin the New Year with a big, dumb mistake. See who’s already shot themselves in the foot in 2014 with This Week in Financial Blunders.

Thank You for Shipping

FedEx has been pulled into New York City’s ever-expanding war against cigarettes. A lawsuit was filed Monday against two FedEx subsidiaries for aiding a Long Island tobacco merchant in shipping his cigarettes untaxed by the city. According to BusinessWeek, the official charge is racketeering conspiracy and the city is asking for $52 million in lost tax revenue and penalties. The lawsuit claims the city lost $825,000 in taxes from 2005–2012 after FedEx delivered a minimum of 55,000 cartons of cigarettes. FedEx denies any willing involvement in the allegations, saying in a press release, “The claims made by the city are overstated and not founded in law.”

Insane with the Membrane

“Yo I got a bunch of human brains in jars for sale hmu [hit me up] for details u know u want one for Halloween.” This Facebook message will fuel the case against David Charles, who allegedly stole numerous human brains and sold them for profit. Huffington Post’s Weird News reports that Charles stands accused of stealing brains from the Indiana Medical History Museum in Indianapolis multiple times over the past year. Although these break-ins were reported as they happened, it wasn’t until police were tipped off by an eBay buyer who purchased six brains for $100 apiece; the buyer “later ascertained that the transactions might be fishy.” Police ended up arresting Charles in a sting operation and he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana and theft of brains.

The (Banking) Fugitive

In a story that will surely become a made-for-TV movie, shamed banker and fugitive Aubrey Lee Price was arrested on New Year’s Eve after some thought he was dead. Price, 47, was served with a federal warrant in 2012 after being accused of transferring $21 million of a client’s money into his accounts, according to CNBC. Just before this warrant, he sent a suicide note to family stating he planned to drown himself and that “I do not deserve a funeral.” The last sighting of Price before his arrest was security footage on a ferry in Key West, Florida, which was enough to compel a judge to declare him dead. The FBI didn’t buy it, however, and kept the search alive, leading to the discovery of a long-haired, goateed Price on New Year’s Eve. He was pulled over for illegally tinted windows, ultimately ending his 18-month run from the law. Upon searching Price’s new residence, approximately 225 marijuana plants were found because apparently that’s what disgraced bankers view as retirement after they fake their deaths.

Hope you started off 2014 with better luck than those listed above. If you heard any other good blunders to start the New Year, feel free to comment below.


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