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three generations of menFinding the perfect gift for Father’s Day is no easy task when you’ve bought a countless number of perfect gifts in a row, right? After all, you can only buy so many “#1 Dad” neckties and coffee mugs before your dad realizes you’re either lacking in effort or have no idea what he really wants. For aging fathers who have everything, you may feel like you’re out of options. Don’t worry – check out the ideas below!

Tee Times

If your dad’s a golfer, he’ll love a round of golf at his favorite course. Better yet, join your dad for the day! He’ll appreciate getting to spend some quality time with you while partaking in one of his favorite hobbies. However, make sure to avoid golf courses on Father’s Day. They’re always super packed, making for a long round. I suggest going the day or weekend before or after Father’s Day to avoid the crowd.


Whether it’s for a job you took out of state, or your dad retiring and moving away, time has a way of separating families. If you live in a different state than your dad, purchase a flight for him to come stay with you for a few days. If you can, take a couple days off work and find some activities he enjoys.

Sporting Events

Is your dad a baseball fan? If so, get tickets for the family to go to a baseball game. You can take him to a nice dinner before rooting on his favorite team. If he’s a golf fan, check the PGA TOUR schedule and see if there’s an event coming to your area. For the dad who has everything, it’s more about experiences than material things. He’ll enjoy watching his favorite team or golfers live.

Photo Albums

Think about all the great memories you’ve shared together over the years. Collect old photos of you with your dad and put it together. Put the photos in chronological order to present a timeline of events over the years. He’ll enjoy the time it took you to put the book together and looking back on all the time you’ve spent together.

Memory Jar

A memory jar is essentially a scrapbook without pictures. You write down certain memories you have with your dad and place each individual memory in a jar. Tell your dad to pick out one strip of paper each morning.


Does your dad enjoy putting together puzzles or reading books? These are two stress-free gifts that will give your dad hours of enjoyment. If you’re not sure what kind of books he likes to read, get him a gift card to a local bookstore or online retailer.

Stretch Resistance Bands

These are inexpensive and will help your dad maintain muscle. You can even print out some different workouts he can do with the bands.

Quality Time

Perhaps the best thing you can do is spend some quality time with Pops. With jobs, school activities and whatever else life throws at you, sometimes a nice home-cooked meal is what your dad really wants. Families get busy, and it’s difficult to get everyone together at one time. Dad will really appreciate your extra effort, making this a cheap but effective gift.

There you have it. Don’t dread Father’s Day. Use an idea or two listed above and your dad will be one happy guy.

Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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