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revision requestAs of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

So you’re heading through your mortgage process like a knife through hot butter … or wait, is it a hot knife through butter? Either way, the bottom line is that things are going great and in no time you’ll be at the closing table of your refinance or purchase loan. Awesome!

But then, [RECORD SCRATCH], you receive a revision request from us. “Wait a minute,” you say. “What is this revision request thing? I’ve provided everything Quicken Loans has asked for. I’ve uploaded all my documents to MyQL. What’s going on here?”

Jason Greenwald, Quicken Loans Operations Director, says that getting a revision request is very common and nothing to be concerned about. “A revision request is simply a way for us to communicate with a client and let them know that we just need some additional information. When a client fulfills a revision request from us, it means that their loan will generally move along more smoothly and accurately, leading to a quicker closing.”

At Quicken Loans, we do everything possible to make the mortgage process easy for our clients. However, a home loan is still a fairly complex financial transaction. And a lot of important, accurate client information is necessary and needs to be verified. So, let’s say you fax a document to us that comes through blurry or off center, we may need to send you a revision request to resubmit it so we can read it accurately. Or, maybe the final page of a bank statement was inadvertently left off an uploaded PDF. Again, we may need to send you a revision request so we can have all that documentation to make sure your loan is complete.

According to Greenwald, “Our goal is the same as that of our clients – to get them to a smooth closing. We don’t want to make their process more difficult. It’s just very important to us that their documentation is as thorough as possible.”

So if you happen to receive a revision request from us, don’t sweat it. Just know that taking the few minutes to provide us with the information we need is going to make your mortgage process less complicated and quicker in the long run!

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