Welcome to the second episode of Zing Podcast. Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you listen. 


Sean and I kick it off.
(0:00 – 0:47)

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Jason Pulaski and Robert Young of Young & Sons Drying and Restoration are back again to offer great advice on getting ready for winter. The big things to worry about include caulking your windows, clearing your gutters and making sure ice doesn’t build up on your roof. Listen and learn more.
(o:48 – 15:34)

Young and Sons_16

Jason Pulaski and Robert Young of Young & Sons Drying and Restoration discuss best practices for getting a home ready for winter.

Top Tips for Frugal Winter Fun and Vacations

Sean and I have a one-on-one discussion about winter activities. Are they all fun, and do we recommend them? No. One of them was “clearing a path in the snow.” We call that shoveling show, and we don’t think it’s fun. Plus we go over some winter vacation destinations that won’t break the bank. Saigon? Why not!
(15:35 – 31:46)

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Credit Reports

Katie Bushor of Quizzle chats about credit – what it is, what credit reports are, what credit scores are, etc. Katie explains all of this and shares some tips for keeping your credit score as high as possible. Credit is important. Listening to this is important.
(31:47 – 46:16)


We end it.Give props where due and thank you for listening.
(46:17 – 47:39)

That’s the deal with episode two. Enjoy the podcast and let us know if you have any questions or topics you’d like discussed in future episodes. Thanks for listening!

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