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Welcome to the very first Zing podcast, brought to you by the blogging team at Quicken Loans. I’m excited to host this podcast along with Sean T. Johnston, and I hope you enjoy this episode and the many to come. Here’s a preview of today’s episode. 


Sean and I give the skinny on the show and why we do it. Get ready for the fun.
(0:00 – 2:16)

Avoiding Home Renovation Mishaps

Jason Pulaski and Robert Young of Young & Sons Construction join us in a lively discussion on ways to keep DIY projects safe. You don’t want to miss this if you plan on doing any work around your home.
(2:17 – 16:30)

Resume Tips for Job Hunting

Michelle Salvatore, vice president of recruiting at Quicken Loans, discusses the do’s and don’ts of a resume in today’s world. Social media, technology, cover letters and job titles are all part of the fun in this segment. Our advice is to listen to Michelle. She’s the one who decides if you get hired or not.
(16:31 – 28:13)

Building or Repairing Credit

Rounding out the first episode is a chat with Eric Rayner and Abe Yeihey of Fresh Start, a credit improvement program from Quicken Loans. Eric and Abe discuss the common credit-hurting mistakes many people make, and the steps you should take to repair credit if it does get damaged or bruised. If you want to improve you credit, this is something you should hear.
(28:14 – 43:43)


We wrap it up and I explain how time travel has made me richer! Plus, you can hear our legal disclaimer. Best in the business.
(43:44 – 46:26)


Enjoy the podcast and let us know if you have any questions or topics you’d like discussed in future episodes. Thanks for listening!

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    1. Hi James! We’re resolving some technical issues but we expect to have it in the iTunes store after the first of the year.

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