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Front Yard of HGTV Smart Home 2015 in Austin, TexasThere are sweepstakes, and then there are life-changing sweepstakes. The HGTV Smart Home Giveaway 2015 is surely one of the latter. What’s up for grabs, you ask? For starters, an approximately 2,300 square-foot home with tech-savvy features to give the homeowner better control over energy use, security, interior climate and lighting. Did I mention it’s located near Zilker Park in Austin,

It’s simple. From now through June 2, 2015, you can enter twice per day. In the end, one random winner will be selected by HGTV to receive the life-changing prizes. What more could you possibly want?

Don’t wait! Remember, you can enter twice per day, every day the sweepstakes is open.

No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the U.S., age 21 or older. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes starts at 9 a.m. ET on 4/15/15 and ends at 5 p.m. ET on 6/02/15. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. For full official rules, visit HGTV.com or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: “HGTV Smart Home Giveaway” – RR, P.O. Box 52151, Knoxville, TN 37950. Main Sponsor: Scripps Networks, LLC d/b/a Home & Garden Television. HGTV and the HGTV and HGTV Smart Home logos are trademarks of Scripps Networks, LLC. Used with permission; all rights reserved.

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    1. Hi Monica:

      I can’t enter for you, but you can enter yourself. You can enter twice per day, once by visiting HGTV.com and once by visiting DIYNetwork.com between now and June 2. Good luck!

      Kevin Graham

  1. I would contribute to the sad stories. But being alive is sometime the best thing until something spectacular happens. I entered everyday and continue to wait on the announcement. The prizes are beyond what we all would love to have. I’m just staying positive and going for a great surprise! Goodluck to us all!

  2. I entered for a chance to win this very beautiful new home for me and my family, for several reasons. 1. We are basically newly weds. 2. We’ve never own our own home or a new car, and a Mercedes at that which is my dream car. 3. I would like to see what it’s like to live somewhere besides Dallas/Terrell, Tx. 4. Since I have had back surgery, foot surgery, hurnia repair, and neither surgery have been successful and my knees are giving up, and also the pinch nerve on my left can not be fixed. I’ll say we,most of all me since I have to stay at home for the majority of my life, we very well need a smart home.So please pick my family to have this beautiful place to call home.

  3. Remember winning the house… 1.You need to pay taxes… Depending from the state you live in… And is a lot… 2. Annual taxes for the house…. 3. Monthly HOA… Like renting. 4. City of Austin electricity, water, gas propane, garbage, heating and cooling costs… 5. Its a smart house you need the best internet access… Open your eyes and be realistic… Its a lot of money to keep and maintain this house… Its not only winning the house is more than that… To keep it… If you live check by check this house is not for you to live in… Talk to your accountant to help you make a good desicion… Good luck…

  4. Remember winning the house… 1.You need to pay taxes… Depending from the state you live in… And is a lot… 2. Annual taxes for the house…. 3. Monthly HOA… Like renting. 4. City of Austin electricity, water, gas propane, garbage, heating and cooling costs… 5. Its a smart house you need the best internet access… Open your eyes and be realistic… Its a lot of money to keep and maintain this house… Its not only winning the house is more than that… To keep it… If you live check by check this house is not for you to live in… Talk to your accountant to help you make a good desicion to keep it or just take the prizes…. Good luck…

  5. When will we know who they chose it’s already the last day of the drawing and nothing yet. All I can think about is this house and I won’t be able to stop till I know who won it. I have been praying and fasting for this and too many sign have ponte me to this direction.

  6. I wish I could win this house. I really need to live my life with happiness, and not where I’m current living where there nothing to do, but grow old. I’m getting older not younger just ready to live my life, in another town.

  7. I usually don’t beg and plead for any thing,but my husband and I have worked all our life trying to provide for our family and that meant taking care of elderly parents. In which we kept them out of nursing homes, that was their. A few months after our parents passed, we found out. My husband had something wrong with is brain,which is causing him to lose call is mobility , which right now he can’t walk or do any thing for himself. This illness caused us to lose our home of 44 years.. We had another little farm that my sons family lives in , but to survive we had to move in with a elderly woman and take care of her to keep the nursing home from taking her home and , but I am so tired and give out. If something good happen to us , I could get someone to help me .take care my husband and we could get out and enjoy life what time we have left. I know this is not going to give you a reason to pick us , but it gives me a reason vent and relive my mind. Thanks if you read this.

  8. This will be a Blessing a dream that came true something I always wanted but couldn’t afford it hope I win

  9. I would love to win this house along with the other prizes I just want a nice home to call my own for my children and grandchildren they never had the luxury of a brand new home and it’s really about that time thanks in advance hgtv!!!!

  10. Why is everyone PLEADING for this house, and thinking that they can just move in willy nilly if they live pay check to pay check. How do you even plan on paying the taxes assessed with winning the prize? Why do you think pleading to win will even help your odds? What you’re being is freaking annoying!

  11. I would love to have it house like this. My husband is 73yrs old and loves to Fisher. I heard r Austin has alot of places to go fishing. We have never been able to own a home. This would be great for both of us. Tks.

  12. I have worked for 42 years in the histology department of a laboratory. I am now retired and I deserve this home to relax and enjoy rhe scenery.

  13. I would live this home for me and my kids. I am a single
    I am a Waitress and work really hard to provide for my kids this home would be such a blessing

  14. This home would be ideal for a family that has a family member with both hearing impairment and legally blind (Usher type II). Hope to see this house in person!!

  15. This would be totally awesome for anyone, I’m entering this giveaway for my family. Gorgeous home, car and cash… Can’t ask for anything else! 🙂

  16. Me my husband and my 2 yr old son moved from Ct to Ga a couple months ago. We now stay at a weekly stay motel and am finding hard to find work for both of us. The main reason is because we don’t have a car and our credit is not the greatest so we can’t get a car let alone a house loan. We have been wanting to have a house to raise our son in that would be ours but we don’t have the means right now. I worked for The American Red Cross for a few years between the Vermont and Connecticut locations and I’m a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. My dream is to go back to school to become a RN and then become a Midwife. All that being said this prize would be so tremendous for us to take care of our son and give him the life we have longed for. Thank you for giving everyone this opportunity and I hope whomever wins will be greatly appreciative also. 😊

  17. I would love to win the smart house,for so many reasons..1 is to have many father to let with me full time….God bless the winner

  18. This is a very poor choice for a showcase house. The architecture is uninspiring and boring. It looks like a garage with an addition. Our advice, tear it down and start again.

  19. Good luck to all God’s will be done.Lord soeak to the hearts of the people that has to make the final decision so that i Wendy Fortune will win this home amen.

  20. Hi I’m from Trinidad and Tobago i love your home its amazing,honesty i need my own home for my family however i cannot afford to buy a home so if its God’s will that i get this home for my family then bless the Lord.

  21. I watch a HGTV show at least once a day. I love your HGTV smart home Austin, TX. As I am posting this comment I am watching your show in Austin, TX. Great home, great ideas, and great art work.


  22. Im a Hiv positive male struggling to make it in life and this would my blessing for my mother who sick and myself

  23. This house is amazing! It’s done perfectly. I’m from Austin, a single mom and pediatric RN. This would be our dream home, truly.

  24. I would love to win this house,we have been renting for a long time and it would be awesome to own our own place,we love the Austin area!
    Thanks Hgtv.

  25. I would love to win this house so that I could have something to call my own and stop paying rent and throwing my money down the drain.

  26. I need this so I can stop throwing my money down the drain on rent. I need to have something that is mine.

  27. Sorry I had a lot of type errors so lets try this again.I have worked two jobs from the age of 18 to 47. So I missed out on a lot of my children childhood. Now that they are grown and married with kids of there on maybe I can get a second chance with my grandkids and maybe my kids.

  28. I have worked two jobs from the age 18 th o 47. I missed out on a lot of children childhood. Now that they are grown and married snd have children of ther on. Maybe I can get a second chance with my grandkids and maybe my kids.

  29. I sure would like to win this home and rhe rest of the prizes. I would like very much to move from California to Austin as I like that city very much and the people there are so great. Harold Reaves

  30. I’ve entered every HGTV sweepstakes, the new 2015 sweeps & I’m a US citizen. How do I fix this so I can enter?

  31. I also want to help my elderly father who served in Korea war and Vietnam and served for 20years technical staff sergeant IiUSA Air force base in Lachlan Veterans. Centers here is bad we lived in San Antonio Texas he y has medical problems my mom died and I was in accident at work broke my leg and have to walk through a dangerous river and climb 44stairs just to feed I belive he has Parkinson and Something Protesta C. And Medicare benefits don’t help him

  32. I am a retire teacher after30 years off working has an English teacher we don’t pay social security and no medical expensive high I need a home I am 55 year’s old and Puerto Rico the government will not pay for us because there’s no money they will shut down on June 2015 .It’s just bad

  33. I want to win this house to find a job as and English teacher Puerto Rico is going through bad time resection is high no job’s problems paying homeowners equity no money 1000 dolors pay 700$ + 169 on medical care. what’s leftover food gasoline.

  34. I am recently retired at 61 after working as a nurse for 30 years and living with while caring for my elderly mother for the past 5 yrs…. I was widowed at 36 and would love to own my own home!
    Plus… I watch HGTV ALL THE TIME! Lol

  35. I would like enter, because I have had at least 3 close call two. The first one was in 2003 my daughter and I was hit by a 18 wheeler truck, I had to learn how to everything over again. God bless my daughter that she was not injury. In 2004 I had blood clot in both of my lungs and had go black the hospital to have my gallbladder remove in 2007. In 2010 had to taken to New Orleans with SJS, in 2011 I was hospitalize with meajuice When lost my hearing. In 2013 they to fly me to Augusta Ga, cause I took a tun for the worst so diagnosis me with me. I really this cause I have 2 children and I have got them their own room. My family don’t wont me to me to move out of the family house. Please begging for this

  36. I just st need a blessing… My husband and I lost our home a few years ago so we been to about 5 times or so it’s rough lord help us please

  37. When my husband died I have to work two jobs i am 63 years old and still working living pay check to pay check with the price I can retire

  38. We would love to move to Texas my parents moved down there and we are both retired now and loved Texas when we went down to visit

  39. I live in Ohio and my Mom lives in Louisiana, if I won, I would be able to move my Mom in with me and be able to take care of her in her golden years! I so much want to give back to her, what she gave to me all my life, along with a beautiful home!

  40. This home is an innovative dream and the decor and finishes are absolutely breathtaking! Modern Farmhouse is my dream! Love that the trees got to stay too! I can only imagine the fun my son and I would have living here! WOW!

  41. What a beautiful home!! My house was built in1917 it’s all mine but needs one of those HGTV make overs for sure!! If I were to win this I would consider moving to Texas

  42. I’ll be 65 in May, my husband died a 3 yrs ago, I worked most all my life and had to use my saving to pay off bills. My house needs work , also my back yard, & driveway, my porch. I have to use a scooter sometime because of my ankle swelling do to a heart condition. I could use the prize

  43. For the past 4 years I have enter these contests,I know that there are thousands of people that enter and there could only be one winner,I hope that this time it might be my turn to win. I would love to move to Austin my brother actually graduated from UT in 2012. It is such a fun city

  44. I need a lot of work done to my home. We moved into it in 1970 and nothing has been done to it since except new roof and carpet. My husband and I are in our 70’s and cannot do the work ourselves. This prize would be greatly appreciated.

  45. I have entered very many of these giveaways and multiple times, maybe ill win eventually, I really love this modern country home and Texas would be a awesome place to live! Its decorated perfect I wouldn’t change a thing!

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