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The weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer! This can only mean one thing: Springtime is here. Soon, you’ll see yourself face to face with Easter Sunday. And what is Easter without an Easter basket?

A time-honored tradition, Easter baskets can contain myriad items. Typically, the baskets are intended for children and young teens, but adults have been known to get in on the fun as well.

Now, we know there are a few items that go into Easter baskets no matter the age, like plastic eggs filled with candy, because what’s an Easter basket without jelly beans and chocolate bunny candies? You can also get creative and put a scarf inside for an adult, or even a pair of socks! The sky’s the limit.

Whether you have a two-month-old, five-year-old or a 19-year-old, these basket ideas will satisfy all crowds.


Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: 2Sisters2Cities.com

Although these little ones are not able to completely indulge in all things Easter, there are still some safe items to build a basket for your favorite baby.

  • A new blanket: Babies often go through blankets pretty quickly, and you can never have too many. With the spring season comes softer and lighter blankets to keep baby warm on those breezy days.
  • Toys: These don’t have to be expensive. It can be a learning toy or something to throw across the room. Hey, it’s just a toy!
  • Clothes: Due to spit-ups, leaky diapers and food mayhem, clothes are never a bad idea for babies.


Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: TheDIYVillage.com

As the child gets older, the ideas become bigger and better. Toddlers are busy learning the environment around them, and the smallest things are able to capture their attention. Put these eye-catchers in their basket.

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image Life With GraceBlog.com

  • Bubbles: Let’s face it, kids are fascinated with bubbles!
  • Arts and Crafts: Since toddlers are learning how to write (maybe even on a wall or two), it may be time to purchase their own writing utensils. If you notice your child is more creative, purchasing coloring books and crayons can help get his or her creative juices flowing. There are even special markers that only write on special paper and not your carpet.
  • Educational: Since toddlers are beginning to learn the world around them, an Easter basket full of learning tools can help give your toddler a jumpstart. Items such as interactive books, counting toys or flash cards are all great fillers.

School-Aged Children

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: OhSoSavvyMom.com

Easter for this age group means Easter egg hunts, treasure hunts and the egg toss, which also means you can get a little more creative with these baskets.

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: SisterSuitcaseBlog.com

  • Movies: Cartoons, kid-centered films and even animated short stories will be entertainment they’ll enjoy long past the holiday.
  • Superheroes: This could easily be a favorite for that superhero in your life. A comic book, mask or even a cool poster of their favorite superhero are all great for school-aged children.
  • Princesses: This is a theme that will keep on giving you ideas. The timeless princesses have all kinds of goodies like dress-up clothes, play jewelry and tiaras.
  • Religion: Since Easter is based on the Christian belief of resurrection, there are many religious items you can put in an Easter basket. Items such as children’s Bibles, biblical cartoon movies or maybe a new piece of religious jewelry are nice stuffers.

Tweens and Teens

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: IHeartNapTime.net

This could possibly be the toughest group to create a basket for, but there are a few items that are sure to please your tweens and teens.

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: RoomToInspire.Blogspot.com

  • Books: Reading is fundamental, right? This is also a great gender-neutral idea for baskets. By choosing books specifically geared toward young people, you’re helping to grow their minds without them being too suspicious.
  • Cosmetics: Makeup, nail polish and lip gloss, oh my! An Easter basket centered completely on polishing up is sure to please any cosmetic lover.
  • Movies: A basket full of their favorite movies, microwave popcorn and soda, or maybe even some tickets to an upcoming show, are sure to be appreciated.
  • Sports: Spring sports are also on the horizon this time of year. A sports-themed Easter basket with their favorite sport as the concentration, will be sure to kick their season into high gear.


Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: CakeForBreakfastBlog.com

Now, this is where it gets fun! Just because you’re over a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t receive an Easter basket as well. Baskets for adults have the freedom of range. With this age group, there is no limit to what you can come up with.

Easter Basket Themes for Every Age - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: WeCanMakeLifeExtraOrdinary.Blogspot.com

  • Wine: Need I say more? A few bottles of their favorite wine will for sure be a crowd pleaser. Toss in a couple of dark chocolate candy bars to sweeten it!
  • Gift Cards: These are quite possibly the best way to show appreciation without having to rack your brain. Gift cards for gas stations, restaurants and retail stores are all great ideas. If spring has you in really great spirits, you can even get them a gift card for a massage!
  • R&R: Being an adult is hard work, and sometimes you just need some time to unwind. An Easter basket filled with aromatherapy candles, soaps and lotions may be just the trick.

No matter the age, Easter baskets are a sure-fire hit! Take these ideas or use your own; either way, they are sure to please.

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