Logo-DriveHomeAWinner-20140825Take a journey with me, won’t you? I want to take you to a place called the Land of Financial Freedom. It’s a place where the beer flows like wine and you can eat all the pizza you want without gaining an ounce. Look at you, sitting over there in that lawn chair sipping on that adult beverage of your choice. You look so happy, so relaxed. Why are you so cool and comfortable? Because you don’t have a car payment! And you don’t have a mortgage payment for ONE WHOLE YEAR!

The Land of Financial Freedom doesn’t have to be a fantasy. If you enter the Quicken Loans Drive Home a Winner Sweepstakes, this can be your reality (minus the beer flowing like wine and pizza part – we can’t help you there). If you’re the grand prize winner, you’ll receive a mortgage-free year and a 2014 Chevrolet SS. Goodbye, mortgage and car payments! Hello, fantasy life! It all can be yours. Here’s how:

Visit QLRacing.com or the Quicken Loans Racing Facebook page to complete the registration form and receive one entry into the sweepstakes. Receive bonus entries by inviting your friends and family to enter by posting on their Facebook wall, Twitter feed or Google Plus stream/wall. If they enter, you’ll receive an additional entry and be one step closer to the Land of Financial Freedom.

Hurry! The sweepstakes ends on 11:59 p.m. ET on November 17, 2014 – that means there’s only ONE WEEK LEFT TO ENTER! We apologize for yelling. We’re just very excited! We want you to win the grand prize: one year’s worth of mortgage payments (up to $12,000) AND a 2014 Chevy SS valued at $45,770! Enter today!

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