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Father’s Day has always been neglected in the holiday world. It’s on that spring/summer time verge where everyone wants to get away and forget their cares, and it’s a few weeks after Mother’s Day,  which most people freak out over. Father’s Day is the middle child in the world of holidays. Hard-working dads are forgotten, and they get shoddy, last-minute gifts as a result. Make this Father’s Day different! Focus on buying your dad the gift he needs, not the same phoned-in gift you get him every year. Take a look at our list of gifts to avoid and their proper, classy replacements for your dad.

Don’t Get Your Dad a Tie

Ties are such a dad gift. Maybe it’s harkening back to the 1950s when every dad seemed like a nine-to-five business man. Regardless, a tie seems like an empty gesture unless you’re really going for it. So go for it! Go beyond the tacky tie, and buy a bunch of items to boost your dad’s style.

Spruce up your dad’s tie with a tie clip; they come in many different style and themes, they look cool in a “Mad Men” sort of way, and they are relatively cheap. Tie clips are sure to become the go-to Father’s Day gift in years to come, so stay ahead of the curve and buy one this year. Worried that just a tie clip isn’t enough? Move away from clothing altogether, and have him shave stylishly with a straight razor set. Nothing says thoughtful like a manly gift of hygiene that doubles as a weapon.

Avoid Getting Your Dad Played-Out BBQ Items

Novelty aprons, ice cube trays and strange things to drink beer with are all fun ideas to get your dad for summer, but it’s hard to show sincerity through joke gifts like this. If your dad is big on cooking (especially barbeques in the summer), then try to find practical things that will make him want to cook more.

First off, treat him to the best food you can find in your area. Odds are you can find a farmers market or a premium grocery store in your area that sell you the freshest version of whatever you’re looking for. If your dad is anything like mine, get the nicest New York Strip you can find, and treat him to a nice home-cooked meal. Afterwards you can slide him one of these awesome grill kits to signal that he needs to cook next time.

Some of you are still hung up on the novelty grill gifts, I can tell. That’s OK, but if you must go that route, splurge and get your dad the ultimate griller’s apron. Make it a Father’s Day to remember by buying him an apron that has space for a bottle opener and a blow torch.

Don’t Buy Your Dad a Classic Rock CD for Father’s Day

Who still buys CDs? I mean, honestly? I’m not suggesting getting music by any sort of illegal means, but buying a CD is as archaic as staying home on Thursday night to watch an episode of “Friends.” Seriously though, buying your dad a cool piece of technology can be a bit of a gamble. Some dads are tech savvy, others (mainly my dad) need repeated instructions on how to work the DVD player even though they’ve been told how to do it in seven different ways.

Google Chromecast is an affordable, easy-to-use device that will let you stream anything from your computer to your TV. Its $35 and works just like a flash drive, leaving it simple for the technologically illiterate. Want to play it even safer? Buy your dad the gift of a thousand classic rock CDs through Spotify Premium. For just $10 a month, he can listen to all the Creedence, Skynyrd and Stones he wants to through reliable streaming music with no ads. Even if your dad gets scared away from the simplest user interface, Spotify is a breeze to use and has an impressive catalogue of music.

Whatever you decide to get your dad this Father’s Day, make sure you do it up! Make sure your dad knows what you’re getting him isn’t just an afterthought from Mother’s Day. What do you plan on getting your dad next Sunday? Comment below so we can all pool our ideas!


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