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Intern Alley – Culture Video - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

I started my Content Creator internship at Quicken Loans in October 2015. It began like any new job, with an extensive application and interview process, but I should’ve known from the start that working here would be like nothing I had ever experienced. A recruiter was helping me every step of the way, and I felt like even though he didn’t know me personally, he really cared about my success. When I hung up the phone after he told me I was offered the job, I immediately called my mom to tell her the news. But when I told her the position was an internship, I knew she was excited for me, but I could tell the word “intern” worried her. She said things like, “You had an internship in college!” and “Shouldn’t you be looking for a full-time position?”

Friends and family had great things to say about working for Quicken Loans so I knew this was something I wanted to pursue, even if it was “just an internship.” Graduating in May 2015 from Michigan State University with a journalism degree, I was already accustomed to years of being told I wouldn’t immediately, if ever, find a job in my field. So after some deliberation I accepted the job with the hope I would be able to prove those people wrong, especially since I would be using skills I learned in college in my everyday life. Little did I know, this wouldn’t be like any normal new job but something much more.

Don’t think you’re “Just an Intern” - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWhen you hear the word “intern,” what comes to mind? For me, I picture a 20-something running around the city for their boss, picking up personal dry cleaning, making a coffee run every two hours, or even just doing mindless tasks no one else wants to do. Not at Quicken Loans. Here, interns are treated as equals and are appreciated. We are given opportunities to make an impact with the work we do, and are trusted to get the job done. We are included in events to further our networking exposure within the company and are pushed to create relationships that can be helpful in the future.

During my time here, I assisted in creating new ways for incoming bankers to prepare to take the SAFE Test, which is a huge factor in determining their future with the company. I was asked to help out with The MBA’s Family Reunion 5 event, which brings Quicken Loans team members from Detroit, Cleveland and Arizona together to collaborate and create new ways to improve their teams, all while being able to hang out and have fun with each other for a few days. Being part of organizing the event, as well as attending, was crucial in creating networking relationships. I’ve also been part of tasks that don’t necessarily create content, but knowing I was asked to help made me feel appreciated. I’ve attended the All-Company meeting, the holiday party and ISMs day, which all gave me a feel for how much the Senior Leadership gives back to team members, whether it’s free goodies or great advice.

Quicken Loans is a people company. Everyone who works here knows how important client experience is in every aspect ­– from internal technology and facilities, to finding someone a mortgage, to training and preparing new bankers for success. It’s inspiring to know that “Every client, every time, no exceptions, no excuses” isn’t just limited to external clients. People here are motivated by each other to make a difference. In a video posted on the Quicken Loans Careers homepage, Chief Executive Officer Bill Emerson says people can make a difference inside of this organization because their thoughts, ideas and curiosity are valued. I know he isn’t just saying that for the camera because I have seen how it holds true every day I come to work.

Being part of a team here is unlike any normal job. In the two short months I feel like I’ve made a difference, because I’ve been a part of countless projects where my opinions are valued. I’ve been told I’m the “fresh eyes” my team needs to oversee things. Additionally, I’ve learned more about myself than I have at previous jobs. The culture here is entirely different from everywhere else I’ve worked.

If there is an opportunity to better yourself, even if it means moving to another team, you’ll have the support from your team members. My team leaders understood that my goal here was to find a full-time position after my internship was over, and they have encouraged me every day to do so. Other places, in my experience, have had the complete opposite reaction and were offended that I sought another place to work, even if it meant bettering myself. ISMs Day wasn’t just a day where we sat for hours listening to speakers, it was a day where new team members were able to get a firsthand look at what is crucial to the company. Learning about the ISMs “Simplicity is genius,” “Every second counts,” and “We’ll figure it out,” opened my eyes to improvements I can make both at my desk and in my everyday life. I honestly can’t wait to see the opportunities and experiences my future at Quicken Loans holds!

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  1. Good Morning Carly,

    Just wanted to thank you for taking your time out the day to inspire interns.
    I will be starting my internship for quicken June 6 and you took a really HUGE relief off my chest
    because i am looking foward to an full-time postion.


    1. Hi Elexis:

      Welcome aboard! We’re excited to have you join the team and can’t wait to see you here!

      Kevin Graham

  2. This is a great article, Carly! I’m so glad you’ve had such a great experience with QL so far. Hope you continue to write more for the Zing!

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