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Logo-DriveHomeAWinner-20140825Here’s a sweepstakes that’s sure to get your engine revvin’. The Quicken Loans Drive Home a Winner Sweepstakes is officially underway. What will you get if you win? Quicken Loans will pay your mortgage for one year, and you get to drive away in a brand-new 2015 Chevy Colorado!

How awesome would that be? Pretty awesome! Just ask last year’s winner, Stephanie Gaines. She won a year’s worth of mortgage payments and a 2014 Chevy SS. See how stoked she was when Ryan Newman showed up at her front door to deliver the good news!

The Quicken Loans Drive Home a Winner Sweepstakes runs through July 13, 2015.

Registering for your chance to win is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how it works – head to QLRacing.com or the Quicken Loans Racing Facebook page and enter your email to complete the registration form. You can enter once a day and receive up to 10 bonus entries by using Facebook and Twitter to encourage your friends to register for the sweepstakes.

Don’t wait! You could win a year’s worth of mortgage payments and drive away in a 2015 Chevy Colorado! Register for your chance to win and take home your own version of the checkered flag!

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  1. Enter Me In to WIN Please for this old man needs a Makeover in Kitchen & Bathroom but, cant’ afford it now after all I been through. I would just Love to give this as a Gift to my Wife of 40 years before I go to use as an example to show her how much she means to me sticking by me through thick & thin.

    1. Hi Larry:

      Unfortunately, you’re not going to win this one because the contest is over. There’s always another one though and we encourage you to keep entering. You never know when it might be your lucky day. That’s also an excellent story about you and your wife. Love is a powerful thing.

      Good luck,
      Kevin Graham

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