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The Home Improvement Research Institute recently surveyed homeowners and renters planning a remodeling project. Fifty-three percent of respondents were planning a lawn and garden project, 28% planned to remodel their living, dining or family room, 24% were planning an exterior home renovation and 23% had plans to remodel a bedroom (obviously, some people were planning more than one project).

DIY may seem like the most obvious choice for a moderately skilled weekend warrior, but we disagree. Some projects should only be tackled by a pro. Think twice before tackling any of these five home improvement projects yourself:

New Siding

Replacing home siding calls for tools and equipment the average DIYer usually doesn’t have, so it’ll be more cost-effective to hire out for this one than to rent or buy what you’d need to do the job yourself. A siding contractor can provide the necessary scaffolding, ladders and tools. Additionally, contractors have the licensing needed to get city permits quickly and the experience to ensure the siding is level all the way around the home.

Roof Replacement

Think twice before attempting to replace your own roof. Professional roofers spend their days on a roof and, as a result, have developed a sixth sense about staying safe up there. You probably never or rarely get up on the roof, and the risk of falling is too great if you don’t have the proper skills. Additionally, a reliable roofing contractor will provide the proper attic ventilation, which is important to stave off mold and protect your family’s health.

New Windows

When you’re planning to replace existing windows with newer designs of the same size, it seems like a simple, money-saving project to tackle yourself. However, you really should hire a professional for this job. Window manufacturers do not make a wide selection of replacement windows available in home-improvement stores, so without the assistance of an expert, you could have a difficult time finding the right one. A specialized window company can also quickly modify and seal the windows in place.

Adding Home Insulation

When it comes to blown-in insulation, hiring a contractor is much easier and cost-effective than doing it yourself. Again, it comes down to equipment—the special blowing machine isn’t readily available through most home improvement rental outlets, but a contractor already has one. Pros also have familiarity with local codes and regulations and can easily fit blown-in insulation around pipes, recessed lighting and other difficult areas.

Waterproofing Your Basement

Be wary of products promising an easy solution to your wet basement problem—simply slapping the walls and floor with a coat of waterproof paint or sealer usually doesn’t suffice, because it does not address the root of the problem. Your best bet is to diagnose and fix the issue by hiring a professional who can dig around the home’s foundation and apply an exterior waterproofing solution.

What else do you think should be left to the pros? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



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