Upgrade Your Bathroom - Quicken Loans Zing BlogDid you just move into your first house? Or have you just grown sick of your outdated décor? Whether you’re dealing with a blank canvas or an old, familiar space, you can create your own unique and practical decorations to turn your home around. This week we’re highlighting simple DIY projects to revamp your bathroom.

Solutions for a Small Space

  • Here’s a fix to a bathroom without storage space! Cut and spray paint small craft crates for small, unique shelving. You can hang these up and use them to hold candles, books or toiletries.
  • If your bathroom lacks closet space, use an old magazine holder or wine rack to hold your folded towels. The end effect makes your bathroom feel more sophisticated and friendly to guests!
  • A huge tool in working with a smaller space is using paint to make the room feel bigger. When working in a bathroom, it’s extremely effective to stencil a design on the ceiling to make the room feel taller. You can buy or make a stencil and use regular paint! Watch a tutorial here.

Being Resourceful and Organized

  • One of the things that frustrates me the most about my bathroom is reaching under my sink and untangling the cords on my curling iron, hair dryer and flat iron. But I can’t leave them out on the counter all day! This DIY craft is a perfect solution. Take a small piece of wood and three empty cans and paint several layers of the same color over each of them. Once they dry, glue the cans onto the wood piece. After it dries, you can keep your hair instruments in them, with the handles facing up. It sounds simple; it ends up being a nice looking way to get the job done.
  • Embellished shower curtains and hand towels are expensive. It’s a lot more affordable to buy plain replacements and embellish them yourself! Simply take a thick ribbon of your choice and use fabric glue to carefully trim the bottom edges. Note: Don’t do this to bath towels that you use often, as they’re frequently washed and the ribbon will not hold for long.
  • If you have some patience, here’s an easy task for you. Use old worn out towels to create a cool extra-absorbent rug for your bathroom floor. It’s easier than you think. Watch a short tutorial on it here!

These are some of our favorites, but there are tons of other ideas out there once you start looking. Time is valuable and money is tight, but your home can still look like a million bucks.


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