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Decorating Your Home: A Guide for Music Lovers - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Writable Mixtape Glasses. Image courtesy of UncommonGoods.com.

There are so many different themes to consider when decorating your home. Should your kitchen be modern or rustic? Will your bedroom be eclectic or Victorian? Here’s a new thought: Why not simply showcase your interests through home décor? Being a homeowner is a lot of work, but one perk is being able to style your home however you please. Wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of your passions and hobbies every time you walk into a room?

My post about decorating your home nerd style has the same idea, but this time around, we’re focusing on all of the music lovers out there. Whether you like to relax with old records after work, attend wild rock shows or star in the choir, the Internet has tons of options for you. I’ve wrangled some of the coolest music-themed décor options for each room of your home.

Bathroom Ideas

Even big department stores like Kohl’s carry specialty themed décor, like this bold red, white and black piano key shower curtain. For a complete look, you can purchase matching accessories from the Music Treasures Co., like these music note shower curtain hooks and these pumps for soaps and lotions. For a simpler room accent, order a couple of these disposable tissue boxes from The Music Stand. Touches like these are a sure way to make your bathroom more festive.

Kitchen Ideas

Your kitchen should be a space that allows for maximum creativity and entertaining, and Uncommon Goods knows just what to provide to make that possible. This set of six retro mixtape glasses comes with a wax pencil so that your guests can write their name on their tape, which is a creative twist on the boring marker-on-plastic-cup system we’re all used to. Another set of dishes ideal for entertaining or everyday use are these recycled record bowls. The best part? You even get to choose the genre you want! You can go for a surprising mix or stick with your favorites. Last but not least, provide appetizers to your family and friends on this handcrafted guitar serving board.

Are you looking for something more casual to use on a daily basis? This unique and wavy keyboard vase is a striking way to display all of your seasonal plants.

Bedroom Ideas

Since your bedroom is the one area of the house that truly belongs to only you, it makes sense that it should be an accurate reflection of your personality and hobbies; this is one area of the home where you don’t have to worry about going overboard. A few of the great things I found to decorate a bedroom were also found on The Music Stand, like this large sparkling statement piece that uses 12 recycled CDs to create a one-of-a-kind clock. If classical music is more of your thing, this dainty glass violin lamp might be the perfect way to brighten up your room. And if you’re looking for an accent to your bookshelf, these handmade bookends are another clever way to repurpose old records and add flair to an old and dusty space. Something that might be a little bit more fun and flashy are these light switch plates and outlet covers.

Living Room Ideas

Family rooms and dens are usually more relaxed, so if you do pick a theme, it’s usually better to stick with subtle hints of it throughout the room. These cupboard handles from Not on the High Street are perfect for your entertainment center or end tables. Sticking with the music note idea, you can hang these hooks by your door for coats and bags.

If you want to add some more personal touches to your living room, pick up this ticket stub diary to document all of the shows, concerts and events you’ve attended throughout the years. And, if there’s a particular artist you love, you can find personalized items designed around them, too! Etsy has a wide selection of affordable drink coasters featuring all kind of artists from Elvis and The Beatles to Morrissey and Modest Mouse. 

Those are some of the coolest musical decorations that the Internet has to offer. Do you have any other tips for music lovers looking to style their home? Let us know in a comment below!


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