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After coming home from a stressful day at work or wherever life takes you, one of the last things you probably want to see when you walk in the door is clutter.

When you return home, the atmosphere should be a healing zone – one that allows you to unwind in peace, not stress.

We talked to Travis Nagle, co-founder of Stem, a modern furniture company, about making your home tidier. We also spoke with Sally Morgan, a physical therapist and certified craniosacral therapist (a treatment that uses light touch to joints in the cranium), about reducing stress in your home.

De-clutter Your Home

One of the first things you could do to make your home more relaxing is to get rid of excess clutter.

“Sometimes less is more,” says Nagle. “You don’t need to be a strict minimalist, but having less items on the floor and walls can create more open space, which can open the room up.”

So, to make your room appear bigger, you could make it a priority to de-clutter and organize your belongings.

Brighten Your Rooms

Another way to enhance your home is with your color scheme. Not only will a new paint job brighten up spaces in your home, it will also feel like your rooms have expanded.

“Each person has their own preferences, but there are certain colors that are proven to provide a calming affect, like blues and greens,” says Nagle. “You don’t need huge surfaces necessarily, but can instead work these in with accent pieces like pillows or paintings.”

There are many tips to brighten your home and make it more comfortable – especially during the cold, winter months.

Invest in Durable Furniture

Being comfortable in your home is another key factor in making your house stress-free. That’s why Nagle recommends making sure that you have quality, long-lasting furniture.

“Furniture has to do more than look good,” says Nagle. “And in key areas like the living room or bedroom, make sure you get items that suit your comfort needs so your home is a place where you can detach from the stresses of modern living.”

Create a Relaxed Ambiance

When making your home less stressful, it’s important to keep the overall ambiance in mind.

“Consider the overall ambiance and influx of external stimulus,” says Nagle. “For example, having the TV on while you’re checking your work emails, all with the lights blaring at night, is maybe not the best way to find some mental space and wind down.”

According to Morgan, loud TVs and radios increase stress. So choosing calming music without lyrics could help make you feel more at peace in your home.

“I like to have music that would be great for a yoga or mediation class, just playing in the background, or even just silence with the sound of a water fountain in the background,” says Morgan.

Another way to simplify your home life is with technology. Nagle recommends creating a room that enables a more relaxed environment with comfortable seating and low wattage lights or a fire.

“You can even make a rule like no TV or phone usage in the room,” says Nagle.

Use a Vaporizer or Essential Oils

A vaporizer adds moisture to the air, which will remove dryness from the home’s atmosphere. If you have any dryness in your throat or nose, the moisture from a vaporizer could help.

“I like to have a vaporizer to put a calming scent in the air of my home – especially in the bedroom or places where I want less stress,” says Morgan.

Along with a vaporizer, Morgan claims that diffusing essential oils, such as lavender, can also be very relaxing.

“It’s important not to use fake smells, like Febreze,” says Morgan. “The chemicals in these products actually increase stress as your body rallies to fend off the chemical assault.”

Morgan also recommends adding a few drops of high quality oil on your carpet or bedding.

“The light scent of the oil will help bring a sense of calmness to the room,” says Morgan.

And if you’re looking to sell your home, keeping these tips in mind could help entice buyers to consider your peaceful abode.

Do you have any de-stressing home tips? Share in the comments!

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