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Ah, the excitement of the first day of a new job! It brings back memories for me of the first day of school. It’s new, exciting, overwhelming, and you feel like you might pee your pants at any moment. First days of anything is terrifying no matter how prepared you might feel.  It’s impossible to sleep the night before the first day for fear that everything that can go wrong does and it seems like no matter how early you leave you always end up running late.

My first day at Quicken Loans was full of the first day jitters and hiccups. I didn’t get much sleep but I at least heard the alarm clock go off. I felt like I had jumped over my first big hurdle of the day. The next step was driving into work. I live about an hour away from downtown, and I have never been downtown by myself so I was  terrified with a lack of direction.

I think downtown is really awesome but I never realized there were so many one-way streets. When I finally made it to the parking structure I pulled into the wrong gate. Luckily for me, the security guard was super nice and instructed me out of the wrong lane and I was able to pull into the correct one. I was too nervous to be embarrassed about what happened. I found the closest parking spot and made my way into the building.

I was so impressed when I walked into the lobby of the Compuware Building where Quicken Loans headquarters resides. I instantly heard the colorful fountain that stretched up to through the middle of the building. Everything seemed to sparkle and glisten. I was amazed by all the stores in the lobby and how busy it was with people going in and out of all the stores.  The lobby was impressive but what I remember the most is everyone I passed said hi to me with a smile on their face.  I felt welcomed and ready to take on whatever challenge I had waiting for me.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same stuff anyone would go through on a first day, the normal thing of filling out tax forms and other paperwork. Nitiah Caudle from Human Resources walked us through all the paperwork we had to fill out. She was very nice and took her time explaining what we needed to do. Then tech support came in and showed us newbies some tricks to help us use the computers efficiently. Most of which I don’t really remember – but I get plenty of help from the people around me in the area where I am working. After orientation we were taken to the lobby to meet with our team leaders.

I met my team leader Clay Closson in the lobby and he was great. He seemed very happy to have me on the team and I felt very welcomed. I also met with Victoria Araj who has been very patient and kind through my first few days.  I do have to say that the first day was very overwhelming but everyone I meet in this building is so nice and friendly. It has been a challenge so far and a little overwhelming at times. I just remember a quote I got from Michelle Salvatore, the director of recruiting, from my first project on the second day. She said to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  It is a quote that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life. New projects and assignments can be tough,but if you dig deep and work hard, Quicken Loans can be an amazing experience. It’s only been my third day but I love every minute doing this job and working with my team.

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