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Lia AmineComing into my first day of work (as an intern at Quicken Loans) I was very nervous, but I soon realized there was nothing to be nervous about. After the hour long crawl down I-75 South, I entered this beautiful building that will be my new summer home.

I checked in with a friendly face, and then I (along with a group of interns) was taken to a room to fill out paperwork, take pictures for our security badges, and learn about the computers and voicemail set-up. I immediately found out that this work environment is not normal.

I was amazed as we walked through colorful bright halls and sliding doors. I couldn’t believe the bizarre chairs that were everywhere or the kitchens with popcorn and slushee machines. I really wanted to sit on this specific red chair that forms to your body when you sit, but refrained due to the fact that I was convinced I would fall on my butt and embarrass myself on my first day.

However, the thing that amazed me the most on my first day wasn’t the chairs, the basketball court, the kitchens on every floor, or the colorful walls with writeable surfaces. It was the air vents that you can twist with your feet to close the vent if you are too cold. FABULOUS!

Unlike any other first day of work, I felt immediately comfortable. Every person I met (and it was a ridiculous number of people) was smiling and seemed genuinely happy to meet me. People seem to enjoy their jobs here, and it shows; everyone is having a good time even if they are ridiculously busy.

I came home from work in a good mood and was excited to tell my family and friends about my first day. I am anxious to see what the rest of the summer work days will entail!


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