Cut Clutter: In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers - Quicken Loans Zing BlogYears ago, if you told me that you were considering installing speakers in the walls or ceiling of your house, I’d ask you when your significant other started hating your huge stereo speakers. Not anymore. Nope – advances in design and technology make in-wall and in-ceiling speakers a smart choice not only for the space they save, but also for the fabulous sound they produce. The walls and ceilings of a home make fantastic speaker boxes and are one reason these types of speaker installations sound so good. And the speaker grilles can be painted to match any decor.

Installing Speakers in New Construction

If you’re building a new home, you’re in luck. Installing the wiring and cutting holes in walls and/or ceilings can be accomplished more easily during construction. It’s all there for you to see before the drywall is complete, so there will be no searching for studs and spaces. Wiring is much easier, too. You can do it yourself, trust your builder to do it for you, or hire an expert installer.

Installing Speakers in Existing Construction

If you’re installing the speakers in a house that’s already complete, it’s a bit more complicated, but certainly not impossible. You’ll need to use a stud finder and know what’s in your walls to avoid hitting electrical conduits and other potentially dangerous stuff. If your walls are sheetrock, you’ll have an easier time cutting the holes. If they’re wet plaster, it’s going to be more difficult and a bit messier.

Call in the Experts

The professional installer route will likely cost you a bit more, but expert opinions on speaker choice, as well as placement, can prevent problems that may arise after installation. An installer also will have tried and true experience with different brands and applications, making a purchase choice easier. The installer is not going to use a product that will sound bad, as it will cast a pall on his installation and the integrity of his business as a whole.

Coming at You or from Above?

Do you want to install speakers in the walls or the ceiling? Or both? If you’re installing speakers in a room that will feature music and/or home theater, the walls are best for placement. In a long hallway or in a dining room, the ceiling’s the place that will offer the best sound. And don’t forget to also install a subwoofer for excellent bass response. In the ceiling, or in very tight spaces, consider dual-voice-coil speakers that handle both left and right stereo signals in one speaker.

Who You Gonna Call?

Whether you want to go solo and do it yourself, or hire a professional, the list below will help you to find the right equipment and/or people to install it. Get shoppin’ and then get rockin’!

If you know of a great speaker installer, let us know. If you prefer a certain brand of speakers, let us know. Or, if you’re having a party featuring your new in-wall sound system, please let us know!

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  1. The best speakers that I found for my house were the Vibe Spectrum Series ( Unbelievable sounding speakers, and I was given top-notch support all through my installation. Couldn’t be happier, and my home sounds AMAZING!

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