My dad has several uncanny abilities, but one of my favorites is his knack for creating purposeful and efficient things on a dime – or from good old “trinkets and trash” sitting around the home. Yes, trash.

Let’s flash back to, well, pretty much the entirety of my adolescent, teenage and early twenty-something years as a competitive golfer. While the other girls’ dads were buying them fancy $100+ training aids to better their swings, I showed up at the range for practice or tournament warm-up with a FedEx box. I showed up with a Ribbon Dancer. I showed up with a pool noodle. I showed up with reflective driveway markers. And I showed up with plastic PVC piping – lots of it, in fact.

I looked like I belonged in a scene straight out of “Tin Cup” with Kevin Costner, but my dad was right: We didn’t need to spend outrageous amounts on something we could easily build ourselves. Oddly enough, the golf training aids he developed almost always one-upped the form and function of the original – even if they were made of what might seem like junk. It’s my dad’s ingenuity (and that trash) that I have to thank for helping me fine tune my game for competition all the way up to the collegiate level.

Now, I didn’t inherit his genius engineering genes. But, here’s my point: I did inherit his eye for practicality and potential in everyday items – and that’s exactly what I see in a few of my lifeless cube organizers at home, like these by Closetmaid or Martha Stewart.

You, too, can make your own masterpiece with little to no money. Teach an old cube organizer new tricks or give a new one a special purpose with these five ideas.

Build a Bar









Via Storganization Blog

Put a Twist on Playtime










Via Sunshine on the Inside

Make a Headboard Hideaway









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Create a Craft Center










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Dream Up a Dollhouse








Via Storganization Blog

I’ll admit that, in my naiveté, I may have been a little bit embarrassed about using my dad’s creations at the course. “Ugh, Daaaaaaaad! Everyone’s laughing at me,” I would whine. But in the end, he got the last laugh. College coaches, PGA instructors, parents and players alike were intrigued – and asking him to build them something, too.

The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, of course! If you’ve got another cool cube organizer idea, be sure to share it with us in the comments below.


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