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Easter is near, parents! This means it’s time to start pulling together some Cadbury eggs, jellybeans, Peeps and other goodies for your kids’ Easter baskets. If you’re looking for some cool things to do with your children other than the usual Easter egg painting, I have some activities and crafts to help celebrate Easter with your family.

Really, there’s an endless list of fun and educational things you can do, but here are eight things that are sure to get two thumbs up from your kids:

Attend an Easter Play

Many churches host annual plays that tell the beautiful story of Easter. It’s a traditional part of some churches’ Lenten celebrations, and the plays often feature contemporary music and choir performances.

Decorate Easter Cupcakes

There’s no wrong way to decorate an Easter cupcake! It’s an inexpensive activity that calls for a box of cake batter, a cookie sheet, baking cups and some festive decorations. One fun thing to do is decorate cupcakes to look like Easter eggs. Other popular designs include bunny faces, carrots, chickadees and Easter lilies. Here is a tasty-looking example.

Attend an Easter Egg Hunt

An egg hunt is not only a blast, but it’s a great photo op for parents! Most cities and large churches host an annual egg hunt and sometimes offer a chance to meet the Easter Bunny! Some scavengerhunts also give kids a chance to win prizes, candy and get freebies.

“Sock Hop” Activity

Your kids can use their mismatched socks to create sock bunnies. Cool, huh? All you need is a spoon, dried lentils, rubber bands, felt, glue and a few decorations. To learn more about the “Sock Hop” activity, click here.

Make a Chocolate Bunny

It may sound harder than it really is, but you don’t need much to enjoy your own sweet treat. All you need is a bunny-shaped mold that you can find at a local craft store. You also need cocoa butter, vanilla extract, milk powder, sugar and salt! You may want to use your creative juices to decorate your chocolate bunnies with jelly beans or edible paint. To learn more, click here.

Attend an Easter Race

Some communities host Easter-themed 5k races, run/walks or bunny hops for kids and parents to enjoy together. This is a great way to celebrate the holiday, socialize and get some exercise!

Visit Your Local Zoo

Some zoos host family festivities that include animal enrichment activities, games for children, zookeeper talks, springtime crafts and free treats. Who wouldn’t want the chance to hang out with cute little bunnies at the zoo?

 Create Easter cards

What is more heartfelt than homemade cards for family and friends? You and your kids can make Grandma feel very special by using pastel paints, handprints, ribbon, string, doilies and markers. You can’t go wrong with pictures of Easter baskets, colored eggs, chickadees, and, of course, bunnies!

If you need more Easter-related activities and ideas, check your local newspaper.


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