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We’ve had reports of fraudulent activity regarding newspaper advertisements, email and physical mail being sent by companies posing as Quicken Loans or even your real estate agent. Please view this sample of a scam fax.

Please note: We’ll never ask for an upfront deposit, down payment or closing costs to be sent through a Western Union wire transfer, and Quicken Loans only offers mortgages. If you’ve received an offer that you didn’t apply for or are unsure about, please contact us at (800) 863-4332.

Fax and Classified Ad Scams

Click here to see a sample of a fraudulent document and classified ad. Other false ads are below.

In addition to these schemes, we need to make you aware of a new scam that involves someone posing as your real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Closing Scam

For those who qualify to wire closing costs and a down payment to their title company, near your closing date you’ll be receiving those instructions from either your closing agent from the title company or your real estate agent.

These emails tell you the bank name and location as well as the bank account and routing numbers you need to know. That being said, you should carefully check the source of the email to make sure it’s legitimate.

Scam perpetrators are sending emails that look official, but instead of having the account numbers for the bank in your transaction, it’ll be the personal account numbers of the scammers.

As an example, if your realtor’s email address is JaneSmith@gmail.com, nefarious people might email you from JoneSmith@gmail.com or JaneSmith@gnail.com in order to try to trick you into sending your closing funds to an unintended recipient.

If you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of an email, you can contact your title company or realtor on the phone to determine if the instructions came from them.

If you’re interested in a mortgage to purchase a home or refinance your current one, you can apply here or give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (800) 785-4788. If you have any questions or want to check an offer made via email or over the phone, you can also leave a comment below.

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  1. I have had 14 calls from 313-373-1215 since 8/14/19. I currently have a loan with Quicken. Not once has anyone left a message. I have blocked all calls from that number. I never answer calls from numbers that are not in my contact list, and will never call any one back if they don’t leave a message. I figure that if Quicken needs to reach me for any reason they will leave a message. No message, I guess it isn’t important. This is a little excessive.

  2. I keep getting calls, each from a different person with a very casual “let’s talk about your mortgage” — no details, no explanation. This seems very spam-ish, possibly a scam.

    Honestly, I expect that any legitimate correspondence from my mortgage company would come in writing. They are calling at all hours and I am either in my office or unable to answer the phone otherwise. Please, if there are options I need to review, send it all to me in writing or a secure message through the website, since I check in often to make my payments.

    Thank you!

  3. I am also receiving a ton of calls from 313-373-1215. They leave vague messages that they need to speak with me about my loan. The messages are similar to the “We can lower your credit card rates” or “Your car warranty is about to expire”. I spoke with someone from Quicken and they told me they are legit calls. They removed me from the campaign. I was told that they want to see if they can lower my rate. They should already know that rates are much higher than when I purchased!! Stop wasting my time with scammy sounding calls please.

    1. Hi Mike:

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad the representative was able to take care of you, but I’m going to pass along your feedback. We occasionally call people to help them look into their options. For example, you might be able to lower your rate by taking a term that was lower than 30 years. But I absolutely understand what you’re saying.

  4. Hey Zing Admin,

    I have an idea for your idea box…Since most scammers are now using phone calls and emails to target people to scam, why don’t you find a way to send messages on your promotions to all your Loan Customers through your phone APP/Web accounts which they are already using. Maybe you can create a current promotion section… with all the promotions listed there. Promotions are in a safe place for your customers to read if interested they can read any time or ignore if not interested. I suggest NO push notifications though…they are just as annoying. This will keep your customers happy since they are not getting hounded and wondering if your calls and emails are scams.

    1. Hi Jeanne:

      I will pass this along to our team. While not everyone uses a smartphone or smart device or goes on the website, this is something that might work for many of our clients. We really appreciate your feedback!

  5. I have received 7 calls in 2 days from 313-373-1215 with one message from what sounds like “Andy” wanting to update me on new offers. That is an INSANE amount of hounding. My mortgage is already through Quicken. The amount of unwanted phone calls via scammers I receive daily is so outrageous to begin with, I never answer my own phone any longer unless it has been previously programmed into my phone. To think that a legitimate company would do this to their own customers is crazy. I’d much prefer receiving “offers” via email. Otherwise, LEAVE ME ALONE.

    1. Hi Rebekah:

      I’m sorry you’ve had this experience and your feedback is valid. The intention here is to get in front of clients who we think we can help save some money or otherwise better their mortgage situation, but I understand where you’re coming from. I’m going to get this to our team to have you removed from this campaign as well as having your feedback looked at. Have a wonderful day and we very much appreciate having you as a client!

  6. I have also been receiving daily calls and messages from (313) 373-1215 – each time from a different person. The voice messages are short and very casual. I consider them unprofessional and have no intention of calling back. Please remove me from this calling campaign.

    1. Hi Lisa:

      I’m going to pass this along to our team. We’ll get you removed, but we would also like to look into your experience. Thanks for reaching out!

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