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We’ve had reports of fraudulent activity regarding newspaper advertisements, email and physical mail being sent by companies posing as Quicken Loans or even your real estate agent. Please view this sample of a scam fax.

Please note: We’ll never ask for an upfront deposit, down payment or closing costs to be sent through a Western Union wire transfer, and Quicken Loans only offers mortgages. If you’ve received an offer that you didn’t apply for or are unsure about, please contact us at (800) 863-4332.

Fax and Classified Ad Scams

Click here to see a sample of a fraudulent document and classified ad. Other false ads are below.

In addition to these schemes, we need to make you aware of a new scam that involves someone posing as your real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Closing Scam

For those who qualify to wire closing costs and a down payment to their title company, near your closing date you’ll be receiving those instructions from either your closing agent from the title company or your real estate agent.

These emails tell you the bank name and location as well as the bank account and routing numbers you need to know. That being said, you should carefully check the source of the email to make sure it’s legitimate.

Scam perpetrators are sending emails that look official, but instead of having the account numbers for the bank in your transaction, it’ll be the personal account numbers of the scammers.

As an example, if your realtor’s email address is JaneSmith@gmail.com, nefarious people might email you from JoneSmith@gmail.com or JaneSmith@gnail.com in order to try to trick you into sending your closing funds to an unintended recipient.

If you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of an email, you can contact your title company or realtor on the phone to determine if the instructions came from them.

If you’re interested in a mortgage to purchase a home or refinance your current one, you can apply here or give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (800) 785-4788. If you have any questions or want to check an offer made via email or over the phone, you can also leave a comment below.

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  1. Hello Zing Admin,
    I received an email from a Julia Ramirez, with a phone number listed as (313) 545-5210, for employment verification here at my workplace.
    Just wanted to check to see if legitimate.

    1. Hi Daniel:

      I’m happy to confirm that Julia Ramirez is a verification of employment specialist with us. Thanks for reaching out and have a great day!

  2. (313) 373-1215 has been calling my cell daily for awhile. I have asked them to stop calling multiple times. I guess I upset someone cause now they are calling my work number as well as my cell. Help!

    1. Hi Jackie:

      I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team to get you taken care of. We also want to look into your experience because you’ve asked to be removed. With that said, in order to find your record, we will need a real email or phone number. Please email Sarah@quickenloans.com Thanks for reaching out!

  3. I’ve already attempted to Refi my existing Quicken Mortagage with Quicken Loans and was told that my current rate could not be improved. I am receiving MULTIPLE CALLS DAILY from 313-373-1215. It’s bordering on harassment.
    With the existing amount of robocalls already receiving, you are just adding to the noise.
    Don’t ruin a good relationship by being so clingy.
    Please don’t call unless you KNOW you can give me a better deal.

    1. Hi Kathryn:

      While interest rates have been moving lower recently, I absolutely understand what you’re saying. I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team to look into your experience. I appreciate you reaching out!

      1. I am also getting multiple calls daily from the same number 313-373-1215. At least two a day for over a week. I just filled out the online form to opt out. Hopefully this will make the calls stop, right?!

        1. Hi Darline:

          If you filled out the online form, the calls should end once your request propagates fully through our system. I’m going to send you an email, and you can let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks for reaching out!

  4. When I get a call from a QL rep wanting to “help” me save money with a refi — at least I suspect that’s what it was — and I say this is not a good time to talk, and the rep then suggests that she can get me right to someone who can look at my case, I conclude two things: 1) the rep didn’t actually understand that this was not a good time to talk, and (2) QL regards my time as less valuable than that of the person they’d have to connect me with who who can actually look at data and see if there’s a case for a refinance – thus a low paid phone screener to get me hanging on the line to get to an agent who will take more time and more questions to see what they perhaps can do for me. My first experience with QL was good — no, actually it was excellent — and I am happy with the servicing of my loan, but this feels like churn to get me to roll over a 15 yr loan that is less than 3 yrs old. Not feeling exactly like a valued customer at the moment.

    1. Good afternoon, Rick:

      I’m going to get this over to our Client Relations team to look into your experience. I absolutely understand how you feel and I want you to be assured that the intention of these calls is never to create a less than stellar client experience. Rates are lower, so you may very well benefit from a refi, but we want to take the time to properly evaluate your situation. That said, it should definitely be on your timetable. Thanks for reaching out!

  5. I have received a bunch of calls from 313-373-1215, since this morning. Since the number is not familiar I did not answer and the caller did not leave any voice message. With the amount of unwanted scammer phone calls I receive daily, I only answer my phone if the number is familiar. Searching for 313-373-1215 on online reverse searches does not provide any information.
    Why dont you make calls from numbers that are listed and show up as registered to Quicken Loans or Rocket Mortgage?

    1. Hi Zack:

      While we use a variety of different phone numbers in the course of doing business on a daily basis, this seems like a good suggestion. I’m going to pass this along to our team and also include your feedback on not receiving a message. Thanks for reaching out!

      1. I, too, have been receiving calls from this same number, both on my personal cell phone and my work number. Of 4 calls, one 1 left a message, and referenced my wife’s name (not mine) and saying there was info about my loan.

        Google searching this number yields a whole ton of search results saying it’s a scam, and only one Quicken-hosted result which is this blog entry (theoretically b/c of Mr. Paulie’s post).

        Until I can confirm the number is a legitimate number used by Quicken, I will continue to assume it is a scam and ignore.

  6. I received a call today, and they left a message to call back 313-373-1286. I never answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number. I googled the number and it took me to this page. Is this one of your numbers?

  7. Have received several scam calls now. Number showing up is 313-373-1215. They then leave a voicemail and tell me to call them back at 313-373-1283. You are then directed to a voicemail with a woman telling you to leave her a message and she will call you back or you can call her on her cell phone and leave another number. Obvious scam.

    1. Hi Kelly:

      The first number is a default number that we use for dialing out. The second number is for Samantha Keeler who works with our bankers. This is not a scam.

  8. I got a cold call in May stating that “conditions have changed” and they may be able to do a refinance. He said “is it okay to see if I can find what might work for you” After some small talk, the analyst said that he needed to run some numbers and would give me a call back. He called back 5 minutes later and said that it would not be to my advantage (which I figured because I refinanced just over a year before). Then I get a notification that there was a hard pull on my credit, which I never authorized.

    If he would have expressly mentioned a credit pull, I would have said that I’m not that interested at this point. Now am getting repeated calls again, but worry that if I answer too much discussion with the rep will result in another pull.

    1. Hi Adam:

      We would like to look in your experience here and I’m going to be passing this along to our Client Relations team to investigate. Thanks for reaching out!

  9. Just adding my name to list of growing folks who are receiving these scam calls.
    The spoofed number was 404-856-0465, telling me to call 888-700-7369 “because when we spoke the other day about loan options we were unable to find a package and now I think I’ve found a good one. Call me as soon as possible.” I assumed this was a scam and googled the number and found this site.
    I did a loan from quicken a few years ago.. Seems like these scammers have gotten their hands on some quicken customer docs. Go get’um Quicken!

    1. Hi Spencer:

      Those are actually our numbers. However, if you never had a conversation prior to when the person left a message, that’s something we absolutely want to look into. I’m getting this to our Client Relations team!

  10. The calls from (313) 373-1215 need to stop. First, I get an email. Day later a text. Following day a phone call, which sounds totally like a scam, but come to find out is legit. But the thing that pissed me off was I told them they couldn’t offer me anything I needed right now and hung up, then they immediately called my wife! WTF? Daddy said no so you go to mommy? Cut it out. No one…NO ONE wants these calls or texts.

    1. Hi Jeff:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. I will be getting this to our client relations team to look into. While we reach out in the course of doing business, we never want anyone to feel harassed.

      1. I am also having this number (313) 373-1215 calling me, which I keep ignoring because it feels like a scam. They called me once today so far, 3 times yesterday, and 2 times the day before. Sometimes he leaves a voicemail, sometimes not. He’s some guy claiming to be “Ryan” from quicken loans with important info about my mortgage, asking me to call him back at that number. If he has information that is important, he can be less vague about the nature of the information, otherwise i’m eventually going to block that phone number.

        This is such a nuisance and not the way a legit business would run this, which is why I’m skeptical and think it could be a scam.

  11. Z Admin,
    Can I trouble you to see if 702-415-2856 is a number that Quicken would be calling from? They have called three times today and left a voicemail to call 888-700-7369. I spoke to them once and they said that they received an online inquiry from me today (09-09-19) which I did NOT submit. I was fearing an ID Theft issue. I did submit an online app several months ago but did not refinance. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Zachary:

      That’s our number. I’m going to get this over to our Client Relations team so they can look into your concerns. Have a good night.

  12. I have to echo everyone else. The way that the initial reach out person is starting their message soliciting “important information about your loan!” sounds exactly like a scam. I had to google the phone number and brought myself here to figure out that indeed this is a legit calling campaign from quicken.

    1. Hi Daniel. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of our clients and we appreciate your feedback. I will pass this along to the team.

  13. I was called by 313-373-1215 several times. I answered and a man named “Rami” said they can lower my interest rate and remove PMI. I want to know if this is legitimate. What steps are involved in actually doing this?

    1. Hi Ryan. Yes, that is our number. You may be able to lower your interest rate and remove your PMI with a refinance, if you qualify. If you are interested in learning more and seeing if you qualify, please reach out to Rami, whose direct number is (313) 373-2856. He’ll be able to provide answers to your questions based on your specific information, help you determine if a refi is a good option for you and provide the next steps.

  14. Received a call from a “Jake” at 313-373-1273 offering to lower my interest form Quicken Loans. Is this legitimate?

    1. Hi Kathleen:

      Mona does work for us as a senior banker. However, I’m going to also get this to our Client Relations team to look into what your concerns were regarding this call. Thanks for reaching out!

  15. Received 8 calls yesterday between my wife and I. This is ridiculous. Found a place online to acknowledge not wanting calls to each of our cell phones. Received one (so far) this morning on my work phone. I work in a call center…this is not acceptable! I’ve received ZERO emails regarding whatever this “update to my mortgage” is. Make it STOP!!

  16. I have received multiple calls from 313-373-1215. First, they called my office number (which I have no idea how they even got), and when I asked them to remove that number immediately, they started called my cell every few hours. I also told them we have no interest in refinancing, and if we did, we have the number. Please remove ALL of our contact numbers from your promotion campaigns. We will call you if we are interested. At this point, it is harassment since I have already asked to removed from the unsolicited calls.

    1. Hi Melanie:

      I do want to have our client relations team look into your experience. Our clients should never feel harassed. We’ll also make sure to get you removed from future campaigns. You can also remove yourself by putting in the information here. I apologize that you’ve had this experience.

      1. I was able to independently confirm this number belongs to quicken and strongly strongly encourage quicken find a way to enable caller ID as well as retrain their reps to not sound suspicious. perhaps create a policy to have reps leave the googlable 800 number and their extension so that customers KNOW they’re calling quicken, instead of using some sketchy looking 313 number that could be spoofed anyhow.

        1. Hi Chris:

          That’s good feedback. I’m going to get this to our team. Obviously, we want you to feel confident you’re talking to us at all times.

      1. Hi Chrystal:

        I understand your frustration. Given strict privacy control, I don’t have access to your file to know your phone number. However, you can remove yourself from our call campaigns at this page. Thanks!

  17. I have also received multiple phone call through out the day from ‭(313) 373-1215‬. I just refinanced with Quicken a year ago so why would I want to refinance again? The promotions department should know this. It should be a rule that you do not call more that once a day. More than that is harassment and is a turn off. Please remove me from any further promotions.

    1. I understand how you feel. Interest rates have actually gone down quite a bit in the last year, so we do proactively reach out to clients, but I’m going to get this to our team to update your communication preferences.

  18. I have had 14 calls from 313-373-1215 since 8/14/19. I currently have a loan with Quicken. Not once has anyone left a message. I have blocked all calls from that number. I never answer calls from numbers that are not in my contact list, and will never call any one back if they don’t leave a message. I figure that if Quicken needs to reach me for any reason they will leave a message. No message, I guess it isn’t important. This is a little excessive.

    1. Hi Angela:

      I’m going to get this to our team to look into the situation and get you removed from call campaigns. I understand your viewpoint.

  19. I keep getting calls, each from a different person with a very casual “let’s talk about your mortgage” — no details, no explanation. This seems very spam-ish, possibly a scam.

    Honestly, I expect that any legitimate correspondence from my mortgage company would come in writing. They are calling at all hours and I am either in my office or unable to answer the phone otherwise. Please, if there are options I need to review, send it all to me in writing or a secure message through the website, since I check in often to make my payments.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kathy:

      I absolutely understand where you’re coming from. I’m going to get this to our team so they know what your communication preferences are. Thanks for reaching out!

  20. I am also receiving a ton of calls from 313-373-1215. They leave vague messages that they need to speak with me about my loan. The messages are similar to the “We can lower your credit card rates” or “Your car warranty is about to expire”. I spoke with someone from Quicken and they told me they are legit calls. They removed me from the campaign. I was told that they want to see if they can lower my rate. They should already know that rates are much higher than when I purchased!! Stop wasting my time with scammy sounding calls please.

    1. Hi Mike:

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad the representative was able to take care of you, but I’m going to pass along your feedback. We occasionally call people to help them look into their options. For example, you might be able to lower your rate by taking a term that was lower than 30 years. But I absolutely understand what you’re saying.

  21. Hey Zing Admin,

    I have an idea for your idea box…Since most scammers are now using phone calls and emails to target people to scam, why don’t you find a way to send messages on your promotions to all your Loan Customers through your phone APP/Web accounts which they are already using. Maybe you can create a current promotion section… with all the promotions listed there. Promotions are in a safe place for your customers to read if interested they can read any time or ignore if not interested. I suggest NO push notifications though…they are just as annoying. This will keep your customers happy since they are not getting hounded and wondering if your calls and emails are scams.

    1. Hi Jeanne:

      I will pass this along to our team. While not everyone uses a smartphone or smart device or goes on the website, this is something that might work for many of our clients. We really appreciate your feedback!

  22. I have received 7 calls in 2 days from 313-373-1215 with one message from what sounds like “Andy” wanting to update me on new offers. That is an INSANE amount of hounding. My mortgage is already through Quicken. The amount of unwanted phone calls via scammers I receive daily is so outrageous to begin with, I never answer my own phone any longer unless it has been previously programmed into my phone. To think that a legitimate company would do this to their own customers is crazy. I’d much prefer receiving “offers” via email. Otherwise, LEAVE ME ALONE.

    1. Hi Rebekah:

      I’m sorry you’ve had this experience and your feedback is valid. The intention here is to get in front of clients who we think we can help save some money or otherwise better their mortgage situation, but I understand where you’re coming from. I’m going to get this to our team to have you removed from this campaign as well as having your feedback looked at. Have a wonderful day and we very much appreciate having you as a client!

  23. I have also been receiving daily calls and messages from (313) 373-1215 – each time from a different person. The voice messages are short and very casual. I consider them unprofessional and have no intention of calling back. Please remove me from this calling campaign.

    1. Hi Lisa:

      I’m going to pass this along to our team. We’ll get you removed, but we would also like to look into your experience. Thanks for reaching out!

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