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We’ve had reports of fraudulent activity regarding newspaper advertisements, email and physical mail being sent by companies posing as Quicken Loans or even your real estate agent. Please view this sample of a scam fax.

Please note: We’ll never ask for an upfront deposit, down payment or closing costs to be sent through a Western Union wire transfer, and Quicken Loans only offers mortgages. If you’ve received an offer that you didn’t apply for or are unsure about, please contact us at (800) 863-4332.

Fax and Classified Ad Scams

Click here to see a sample of a fraudulent document and classified ad. Other false ads are below.

In addition to these schemes, we need to make you aware of a new scam that involves someone posing as your real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Closing Scam

For those who qualify to wire closing costs and a down payment to their title company, near your closing date you’ll be receiving those instructions from either your closing agent from the title company or your real estate agent.

These emails tell you the bank name and location as well as the bank account and routing numbers you need to know. That being said, you should carefully check the source of the email to make sure it’s legitimate.

Scam perpetrators are sending emails that look official, but instead of having the account numbers for the bank in your transaction, it’ll be the personal account numbers of the scammers.

As an example, if your realtor’s email address is, nefarious people might email you from or in order to try to trick you into sending your closing funds to an unintended recipient.

If you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of an email, you can contact your title company or realtor on the phone to determine if the instructions came from them.

If you’re interested in a mortgage to purchase a home or refinance your current one, you can apply here or give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. If you have any questions or want to check an offer made via email or over the phone, you can also leave a comment below.

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  1. I’m in Compliance at a Broker-Dealer and one of our advisors received a letter appearing to be an audit for a previous Verification of Deposit for a loan of one of his clients. Fax number provided was 877-380-4276, and contact number given was 313-373-4861. Are these legitimate?

    1. Hi Nick:

      That phone number does match Kimberly Kaspirek, who works as a quality control assistant in our legal department. You’re all set. Thanks for reaching out!

    1. Hi Nicole! I just confirmed: This is the number of one of our Quicken Loans bankers. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. I have no interest in a loan and have not asked for one! Is someone doing identity theft to cause this?
    From 678-459-3654 Dave? Mumbles! 855-909-?274
    From 678-459-3654 Amy with call back 866-349-8543
    From 678-459-3653 Mike with call back 866-349-8543
    Lost track of the ones before! The above call more than once a day!
    If these are your people, please stop it and remove any requests for loans from your files since I did not make them!

    1. Hi Ed:

      Those are our callback numbers. I don’t have a loan for you under your email address. I’m going to have you send your phone number to so we can look you up that way and go from there. While identity theft is possible, it’s also possible someone just made a typo in their phone number. Either way, once we find you in the system, we can make sure you don’t get any more calls. I’m sending this to our Client Relations team. Thanks for reaching out!

    1. Hi Lori:

      Yes, I confirmed that Jonathan Koshewitz is part of our Quicken Loans banking team. Thank you for reaching out!

  3. I received a call from Brian Shultz (888)569-4985 (on caller ID) asking me to call him back at (313)338-2112 regarding a home loan he is servicing for me. I do not have a home loan, and I have never done any business with Quicken. Can you please advise?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi PB:

      Bryan is one of our bankers and that matches his number. Is it possible you felt about a lead form with an aggregator like Lower My Bills or Lending Tree? If not, it may be the case that someone has made a typo when giving us their phone number and it matches yours. I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team to look into this one for you. Thanks for reaching out!

  4. Received a call from Austin saying he was calling from Quicken Loans (313) 545-0657 asking me to call him back. Was this a legitimate call or is this a scam?

  5. I received a call from an Alex Miller at (313) 373-3000 in regards to an employment verification and he left a callback number of (800) 713-7320. I don’t recall doing any business with QuickenLoans at all so I don’t know why I received this call. Is this legitimate?

    1. Hi Marjorie:

      I’m going to get this over to our client relations team. That is our employment verification number. You wouldn’t have to do business with us if you own a business. We could have been calling on a team member of yours. I’ll have someone reach out and make sure we get this cleared up.

    1. Hi Vince:

      Frank is indeed one of our Senior Power Bankers. You’re in very good hands. Thanks for reaching out!

  6. We have been in our home for a while, and would like to do some updating and remodeling, but this issue of fraud on the internet makes us uncomfortable applying online. Is there any way to know you are contacting Quicken, verses an online predator?

    1. Hi Deborah:

      I’m going to give you a couple of tips. Rocket Mortgage is our all online process so I’m going to use that as the example, but this also applies for I’m also going to be using Google Chrome for the purposes of this example.

      In the following screenshot, you’ll see the Rocket Mortgage homepage.

      developer tools

      In the top left-hand corner of the address bar at the top of the screen, you see the word secure. This means that your web browser has seen with certainty that the information you enter on this website will be securely encrypted and only go to the intended recipient. If you want to make sure it’s us, you can open the vertical three-dot menu in the top right hand corner, go to more tools and then developer tools. That will bring up a menu along the bottom of your browser. One of the tabs will be security and you can view the security certificate. Screenshots below.

      Security and certificate settings

      Details box

      Once you’ve opened the security certificate, go to details and scroll down to subject. It should say that the domain is valid for in Detroit, Michigan.

      Alternatively, you can always get started with us over the phone as well by giving us a call at (888) 980-6716. If you ever have questions about any when you talk to on the phone, our client relations team would be able to verify their phone numbers at (800) 863-4332. Hope this helps!

  7. I received two calls to my landline (which I never use) coming from 202-551-9741 and 202-551-9740. Voicemails claimed to be calling regarding my “interest in refinancing.” Completely bogus. I was directed to call back at 855-909-2274 and 866-349-8543, respectively. I doubt these are Quicken Loan representatives, but if they are, they’re engaging in deception and violating Do Not Call.

    1. Hi Kirk:

      I can tell you that those are our callback numbers. We also do call from local area codes sometimes. However, I’m not finding a lead under your email address or what I think may be your name based on your email address. I take it you have no interest in refinancing, but we don’t cold call. More than likely what happened here is that someone made a phone number typo. I’m going to get this over to our Client Relations Team to make sure there’s not something else going on here. In the meantime, if you go ahead and email with your phone number, we can find the lead and opt you out of phone calls. Thanks!

  8. I just got a call from someone who left a message concerning “a sweepstakes I entered online”. When I tried to call the number back that he left (866-349-8543), it appears to be a generic answering service for Quicken Loans, and my only options are to ask about an existing loan or speak to someone about a new loan. I am not interested in either option; I just wanted to know why they called. I’m guessing I didn’t win anything, and I’ve just been opted into marketing phone calls? Thanks.

    1. Hi Emily:

      We don’t do marketing calls. The way you would’ve gotten that call is to have checked the box that says you would like to be contacted by a Home Loan Expert about mortgage options. It’s unchecked by default, but you may have checked it by accident. I’m going to email you and if you would like to be opted out, I can take care of that for you in the morning.

      1. Hi Zing Admin,
        It appears that a lot of folks are getting these calls after entering the HGTV sweepstakes online… and I can say with 100% certainty that I did not check any of the boxes to opt-in for any marketing calls/emails from anyone. I think there’s been a glitch in the system somewhere that passed along information to Quicken regardless of any boxes being checked. I’ll look for your email, as I definitely want to be opted out. Thank you for responding.

        1. Hi Emily:

          I’m going to pass this along to our client relations team to look into that and see if we had any other reports of that happening. However, is it possible that you used a different email address in order to enter the sweepstakes? We don’t have a lead under that email address. If you could send your phone number and/or full name and state to, we can get you opted out.

  9. Have not requested a refinancing but am getting phone calls. Decided to research if phone number was legit. Interesting to see that not one phone number asked about is fraud, per “Kevin”. Every single one is real? Huh. And why is the call coming through my local area code, but a 866 call back number, which is the same call back number from other posts, who have sited a different area code call in number?

    1. Hi Fred:

      I’m actually going to have someone reach out to you about this and see if we can help you figure out what’s going on. We don’t have a lead associated with your email address, and as you said, you didn’t request financing. I do want to assure you that we are staffed by real people that care. I’m Kevin, and here’s my bio. Someone will be reaching out to look into this shortly.

  10. Received a call from 940-285-6590 saying they were Quicken Loans (couldn’t understand the callers name) and that they wanted to discuss HGTV Home Give away and gave 866-349-8543 as the reply number. Is this a fraud?

    1. Hi Cheryl:

      This isn’t fraud. That’s the number for one of our Home Loan Experts, Menal Midlij. When you signed up for the sweepstakes, did you by chance click the checkbox to be contacted by someone about mortgage options? If you did so by accident, I can go ahead and get you opted out. Thanks!

      1. I may have clicked the box but am glad you replied. Will now take calls as it just seemed strange when I received the call.


    1. Hi Maria:

      I can confirm that number is one of our default numbers for dialing out. The call is coming from us. Thanks!

      Kevin Graham

  11. Does Quicken loans actually do loan through western union or moneygram? The email i got from a jay farner was a 518 area code. He keeps asking for my passport information.

    1. Hi Darren:

      No we don’t. We will never contact you unsolicited about a loan. Moreover, we wouldn’t need your passport information. I’m going to get this to our client relations team as well as our security team to see if we can get more information from you about who’s perpetrating this, but don’t give them any more information.


    1. Hi:

      The top number is one of our default dialing out numbers. The bottom one belongs to Stefano Giannini, one of our account executives. Have a good day!

      Kevin Graham

  12. Hello, is 866-349-8543 one of your phone numbers or is it someone trying to scam me? The caller said their name was Nick, with a northern midwest accent.

    Please let me know,
    Thank you

    1. That’s one of our default numbers for dialing out, so the person does work here. You’re in good hands! Have a great day!

      1. @Kevin do you work for the scammers that keep calling and pretending to be QuickenLoans? As far as I can tell, anyone can reply to these inquiries and I find it hard to believe that all of the numbers and employees that these comments are asking about are legitimate.

        1. Hi anonymous:

          I can assure you that I work for Quicken Loans. Here’s my profile page on the blog. I’m a real person who likes Big Bang Theory and the Detroit Tigers. If you have a concern about a specific number, feel free to leave that number here and I can get back to you. Also, you may feel free to leave your actual email address so that I can respond appropriately. An email from my Quicken Loans email address would also verify for you that I am who I say I am. Your email address is seen on the backend by us, but never published. I appreciate your concern and would love to be able to help verify that you’re talking to us. In the meantime, have a great day.

          Kevin Graham

  13. Hi Just received an email from a Ramy Zora of the Presidents club saying she can get rid of my PMI said to call her at 313-373-2760.

    Can you please confirm she is a Quicken Loans employee?

    1. Hi John:

      Ramy is indeed one of our top bankers. He’ll take great care of you. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

        1. Hi DC:

          I’m absolutely legit. I’m going to send you an email from my Quicken Loans address to prove it. That’s also Ramy’s number. Perhaps he was out of office for the day.

          Kevin Graham

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