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Confessions of a Millennial Homeowner: Kollin and Haley Currie - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Renee Senyk about her experience as a 20-something homeowner. I usually promote my writing on my own social channels, so I threw the piece up on Facebook. In minutes, I was getting likes and comments from friends and family all over the country.

So many people had comments about their experiences as young homeowners and how happy they were with their choice to buy. Comments were enthusiastic, one stating, “I bought my house at 21; no regrets!”

Despite what you may have been told, millennials are buying homes – and they’re absolutely loving their decision to do so! They’re planting roots and making financial investments in their communities.

Kollin and Haley Currie are two of these millennials who recently purchased a home. 23-year-old Kollin is a social marketing specialist at a company just a short commute from their new home. 25-year-old Haley, Kollin’s wife, works as a physician’s specialist at a nearby hospital. The couple were married in 2014 and rented a home prior to purchasing. Tired of feeling like they were throwing their money away in rent payments, Kollin and Haley embarked on the journey to homeownership.

Here’s a bit of their story:

Where were you living before you bought your home?

We were renting a two bedroom apartment and really liked it there. It had a great location, a pool, workout facilities and the constant rumble of little kids running in the apartment above us. After a year, we were ready to have our own place to entertain and (eventually) begin our family together.

Confessions of a Millennial Homeowner: Kollin and Haley Currie - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Why did you decide to stop renting and to purchase a house?

We’d saved up enough and were sick and tired of throwing our money away via rent. We knew the general location of where we wanted to live and were both happy and settled in our jobs, so the decision to buy a house was fairly easy. We’d rather put equity into something we owned and ended up paying less for our mortgage than we did for rent.

What did you look for when house hunting?  What were your must-haves?

We started going to open houses on Sunday afternoons to look at what houses were going for and to see what different cities offered. We quickly weeded out a couple areas because of high taxes and location, and found a few that we could see ourselves living in. We watched Zillow every night for houses that had what we were looking for and would email the listing realtor to try and set something up for the next day.

Our must-haves were an attached garage, big closet space, a safe neighborhood, good location to our jobs and church and at least three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. We also wanted to buy the worst house in a nicer neighborhood so that after we made some improvements, it could have a great resale value.

Confessions of a Millennial Homeowner: Kollin and Haley Currie - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Does this house have those so-called must-haves?

Our new house has all of our must-haves except two full baths. It only has one and a half baths, which is fine since there are only two of us. Long term, we plan to add a full bathroom in the basement to accommodate our family during the holidays. Our home isn’t perfect, but has the bones and location of exactly what we wanted.

How long did you house hunt?

We watched for houses online for a while and began actively house hunting for about two months. We knew when the lease for our apartment ended and wanted to get into a new home (if we found one) before then.

Confessions of a Millennial Homeowner: Kollin and Haley Currie - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

What was the hardest part of the mortgage process?

There was a lot of paperwork needed. We’d recently closed a couple of bank accounts and moved all our money into one joint checking account. They needed documentation of where each deposit came from and why we moved the money.

This was a pain, but did not delay our closing at all. The mortgage experts were great at communicating exactly what they needed from us and why they needed it. Haley was in grad school and they even needed her transcripts for school because she didn’t file for taxes that year.

We were able to answer all the questions and provide the needed paperwork, so we didn’t have any issues.

What was the best part of the process?

The best part of the mortgage process was the convenience because we’re both really busy. We were able to do it from anywhere! We uploaded documents on the mobile app and were in constant communication with Quicken Loans through MyQL, through email and over the phone. We were always in the loop with what was happening on our loan and we (thankfully) never had to go into a stuffy bank.

Confessions of a Millennial Homeowner: Kollin and Haley Currie - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Is there anything you wish you knew beforehand?

We wish that we knew how expensive simple maintenance tasks, like painting and cleaning carpets, were. After we purchased our home, we spent a lot of money at hardware stores in order to make our home move-in ready.

It also would’ve been nice to know that you need to call the utility companies to get necessities like electricity turned on prior to moving in. There was a lapse in time between when the power shut off from the previous owner and when we took over, and the ice maker for the refrigerator leaked out. Not what you want to deal with on move-in day.

Anything you didn’t expect to encounter during the mortgage process?

We toured our home and put an offer on it that night. The sellers accepted our offer at 9 a.m. the next day and we were shocked to know that it went that quickly. We figured there would be a longer timetable and negotiation period. However, if the price is right, the process can move very fast.

If you could give advice to other young house hunters, what would it be?

Get preapproved and watch Zillow, Trulia and other housing websites like a hawk.

Thousands of millennials are making the switch from renting to owning. If you’re done with renting and want a place of your own, text “AMAZE” to 26293 or contact us here to get the process started!

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