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Billion Dollar Bracket - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

*UPDATE March 21: Thanks to a wild start to the men’s college basketball tournament that saw upset after upset, there are officially no perfect brackets remaining. That doesn’t mean the fun is over just yet. Twenty people will win $100,000 to put toward buying, refinancing or remodeling a home. The Quicken Loans Zing Blog will keep you updated!

*UPDATE March 20: Registration for the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge with Yahoo! Sports is officially closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Have you completed your bracket for the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge with Yahoo Sports yet? If not, the clock is ticking!

$1 billion* is up for grabs, but you can’t win if you don’t submit your bracket before 1 a.m. ET, March 20. It’s not hard to register. Please note that registration could also close before the deadline if the number of entries reaches its cap. In other words, you need to register, and you need to register now!

All you have to do is visit QuickenLoansBracket.com, fill out the registration form and fill out/submit a bracket. If you pick a perfect bracket, you could take home $1 billion. Think about all the things you could do with a billion dollars!

If you don’t think you have what it takes to pick a perfect bracket, don’t worry. The 20 highest-scoring imperfect brackets will take home a cool $100,000 to put toward buying, refinancing or remodeling a home. You’ve literally got nothing to lose except the chance at winning $1 billion or $100,000. Whether you’re a basketball fanatic or not, if you don’t register, you’re throwing away a chance to strike it rich! Why not give it a try?

You’ll need a Yahoo! Account to register. If you don’t have one, sign up and login to your Yahoo! account before you begin to register. It’ll make things much easier for you.

If you’ve got any questions, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help you.

Good luck in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge with Yahoo Sports!

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This Post Has 163 Comments

  1. I tried last night multiple times and kept getting an error. It was prior to 1am eastern time. I used firefox and safari. This is lame.

  2. Why did the bracket entry close at 10 pm Pacific on Wednesday? That’s more than 12 hours before the tournament starts and only two hours after the last play-in game ended. And it was a pivotal play-in game for the #11 seed in the Midwest. I went to enter my bracket on Thursday morning, but was locked out. It doesn’t appear as if Yahoo Sports understands the NCAA tournament.

  3. Are you checking? I kept getting a “click link in your email” message to enter and there was no email and no link. I would like to know if my bracket was submitted.

  4. I have been trying to set up my bracket for the past week. I started the registration process well before the March 16th deadline, but kept getting loading errors the entire way through. I have to ask to have the verification code and emails sent multiple times. Now it won’t let me complete my bracket. I want to complete my bracket, and I gave the information prior to the deadline, now I am not going to make the deadline for the brackets. Please help me with this! We all know it’s for publicity for all companies involved, but it will look really bad if people trying to sign up/make brackets can’t.

  5. Dear Mr. Buffett and Quicken Loans®:

    I am disappointed I could not use my computer until this morning and thus was unable to complete your Billion Dollar Challenge. I did make my picks in the Tourney Pick-Em at Yahoo…before their deadline of 9:15 am PDT and I have attached the webpage site. I think I will have a winner and even though I was unable to meet your early deadline because of tech issues, I thought I would at least go on record and submit this to your company and Mr. Buffett.

    Thanks and best to all of you,

    Robert Phelps

    1. Hi Brandon, the bracket closed at 1 a.m. ET, all edits would have needed to be done by that time. Thanks and good luck.

    1. Hi Linda, If you clicked save on your bracket on quickenloansbracket.com it would have been submitted. You should be able to see it on Yahoo under the “My Brackets and Pools” tab.

  6. How are you closing registration 11 hours before tip off? This seems excessively early.

    – One annoyed procrastinator

  7. I still haven’t gotten e-mail confirmation after 10 days of trying. Have been on hold on phone for an hour. I now only have 2 hours to fill out bracket.

  8. I want to congratulate Quicken on a REALLY bad execution.

    Although I understand that the 1am deadline was part of the rules, pretty much every other Online NCAA bracket I have been a part of closes at 11am or noon on the Thursday the ‘real’ games start. Had I received a reminder e-mail, I would be a little less frustrated at the different time.

    Prior to this venture, I had no real opinion on Quicken loans. When I heard about the bracket, I thought, “Cool, maybe I’ll get some e-mails from Quicken with some financing opportunities.” Good publicity; good marketing. Now, after not being able to sign-up, I think, “Quicken sucks. If they can’t execute a simple bracket picking well, why would I trust them with my finances?”

    1. Hi Ben, I’m sorry if you had technical difficulties with your bracket. I have sent you a direct email as well. Thanks.

  9. I have a pdf of my paper bracket to show that I completed it before the first game. I’m not sure how to get it to you but I could email it if you will tell me an email address. But here is the place listed in my downloads where I sent it /Users/steveneburk/Downloads/photo.JPG

    1. Hi Steven, if you submitted your bracket by hitting save on quickenloansbracket.com you should be all set. Thanks and good luck.

  10. I completed my bracket and printed it off after saving it. If you want to go online and look at it, how do you pull your own bracket up? And (not that it’ll happen, i’m sure) if I win, how does it work in terms of notification. Just my luck, I’ll win and won’t be able to prove my bracket! I tried to sign back in to the yahoo account I had to create and it says that it has expired and I have to create a new account. Frustrating.

    1. Hi Gary, If you made your picks and clicked save, your bracket was automatically submitted at the cutoff time at 1 a.m. ET on March 20. Thanks.

    1. Hi Roger, You can view your bracket by visiting QuickenLoansBracket.com (logging in if not already) and then click on your bracket name. Thanks

  11. I was working on my Bracket in the evening of March 19. I decided to go to bed and get up early on the 20th to finish my work, partly because I was tired and partly because I wanted to make sure that Tennesee won before completing my predictions. I got on again about 10:45 pm on the 19th, not intending to work on my bracket until morning, but noticed that my bracket had None writen in red with a red line through it on all the lines where I had not yet made an entry. I didn’t worry about it at that time, because I thought it was just a reminder to hurry and finish and submit my bracket before the first game listed on the bracket began. This morning, the 20th at about 5 am, I came back to my computers to study and make my predictions on my paper copy of the bracket, which I planned to transfer.

    I finished my paper copy and went to my online bracket to transfer my predictions. Only then did I realize that the bracket could no longer be changed.

    I went next to the rules. I could find no deadline time in the rules. After looking around for awhile I asked what was the deadline for submitting my completed bracket and pulled up a site that said the deadline was 1 am on the 20th (today)

    So I have three points to make based on that.
    1) having to go somewhere outside the rules to find out when the deadline is, is not fair notice.
    2) I should be able to submit my completed bracket any time before the first game starts as there is no possibility of my being helped out by any game information on my bracket until that time
    3) my bracket was closed before the deadline.

    This hard to find deadline, which was activated early in my case (and, I’m guessing, everyone else’s) appears to be an attempt to prevent legitimate entrants from participating in the billion dollar challenge. I think I should still be able to complete and submit my challenge bracket.

  12. This is BS, every pool in the country closes at noon today, wtf would they close yesterday???? Nonsense!!!

  13. Way to be the only bracket challenge on the internet that requires people to register and fill out their bracket 12 hours early. Morons…

  14. Can you please remove my bracket. I accidentally filled it out and submitted it when I shouldn’t have. I do not want to be a part of this contest. How do I remove myself from the Quicken Loans® bracket?

  15. The servers were too busy when I tried earlier in the week and now I’m too late even though the games are hours from starting. Screw you Warren Buffett and Dan Gilbert! At least I know the last place I’ll call for a loan now.

    1. Hi Shane, If you saved your bracket your picks should all be in there. I’m sending your comment to Yahoo as well. Thanks.

  16. So what happens when this stupid site glitches and doesnt save all the picks you had?!?! I had all 63 made, then I wake up to see my NC State pick is a no pick. I know before I went to bed I had all 63 selections made! What a joke yahoo sports is

    1. Hi Edwin, the bracket closed at 1 a.m. ET that was the last opportunity to submit your picks. I’ve sent you an email as well. Thanks.

  17. I tried repeatedly to fill in my bracket yesterday/last night and the website wouldn’t let me do it. When I woke up this morning and tried it again it conveniently worked….after the deadline. That’s B.S. Not that I would have the perfect bracket anyway, but I agree with some of the other comments. You take our info and we can’t complete the bracket. Seeing as the games don’t start for another few hours an exception should be made for those of us that had issues with the site. Now I’m stuck in the “free game”….oh boy.

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