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Jake's Fish - Quicken LoansA few weeks ago I found myself in a situation that I couldn’t have predicted in my wildest dreams. I had come in early and stayed late all week so I could get out a little early on Friday. The plan was to spend the evening on my boat on the Detroit River, and I was ready to go. The weather was nice, I had just finished my second week of my internship, got my first paycheck, and, simply put, I was on top of the world. Then the Outlook icon at the bottom of the screen on my MacBook Pro began jumping around. I had a new email. When I clicked on it, I couldn’t believe what I was reading: my first Friday evening meeting invitation.

This was big. It was our whole team meeting to discuss what the near future would bring for everyone when one of our incredible team members went on maternity leave.  But on a Friday afternoon? I mean, come on! I was all set to hop out early and enjoy the fantastic boating weather.  I had already worked the hours I was allowed for the week. It should have been a no-brainer that I couldn’t attend the meeting.  Then I realized what was actually happening, and I couldn’t believe it. I was actually upset that I was going to have to miss a meeting on a Friday afternoon to go out on my boat. I wasn’t only upset; I actually figured out a way to stay for the meeting!

If you had told me that two weeks into my first internship I would find a way to delay the start of the weekend in order to attend a meeting, I probably would’ve just started laughing.  But I’m realizing something that has become more apparent with every day I add to my experience: everything about this company exceeds expectations.

I would expect for a company this big to give interns busy work to just get little things done. Instead, we are working on real projects that actually help the company! I thought I’d struggle to wake up and go to work every morning. Instead, I’m bouncing out of bed and singing along (badly) to music during my drive into the city. I wouldn’t expect to want to attend company parties and interact with my team leaders any more than the 40-hour weeks we are scheduled. Instead I’m bummed out when I have a prior commitment that keeps me from attending company outings like the firework party or the after5 intern events.

I’m still learning new things every day, and I’m definitely still making mistakes, but there isn’t one time so far that I’ve been made to feel incompetent by the other team members here at Quicken. I constantly witness how badly they want all of us interns to succeed. Will I stay here at Quicken Loans when my internship ends? I hope so! But I also know that if for some reason it doesn’t work out, the next company I work for will have to live up to some very high expectations.

And as for my Friday night boating plans? I still made it to my boat in time for an evening cruise with my parents and our new puppy. I even got to watch my dad bring in a nice 19-inch bass as the sun went down.

Who could have expected that?

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