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With the last of the warm days behind us, autumn is turning into winter and the holiday season is fast approaching! While for many of us that means getting ready to fill our stomachs with delicious meals and starting the hunt for the perfect gift, for college students the story is a little different. They too have hot meals and gift giving on their mind, but college academics are beginning to ramp up as the final push for the end of the semester kicks into gear.

So as you anticipate the whole family getting together for your holiday celebrations, why not send a little help to your favorite hard-working college student? Here are a few tips for compiling a care package that will help keep their focus and get them all the way through finals.


College Care Packages: The Holiday Push - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: ChristianPF.com

First and foremost: the baked goods. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? And that inevitably comes with dreams of cookies, brownies, and any other favorite holiday treat.

If you don’t have time to bake your own, Mrs. Fields offers a tin filled with an assortment of mini cookies that are the perfect little treat after a day of studying. It doesn’t hurt to throw in some chocolate too! Dove Chocolate has affordable holiday bags of assorted chocolate flavors that are individually wrapped with positive and comforting messages.

Along with sweets, it’s easy to throw in other grab-and-go snacks like granola bars, energy drinks and trail mix for some extra fuel during those long hours stuck to the library cubicle. A company that puts together fun and useful snack packages is The Popcorn Factory. Not only do they have packages for all of the approaching holidays, but they also provide a variety of options from flavored popcorn to nuts and chocolates as well.

Hershey’s makes a giant chocolate bar that can be shared with a whole dorm floor! They’ll meet some new study partners quickly!


College Care Packages: The Holiday Push - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: BeautyAndBedlam.com

Though this time of the year is accompanied by a various assortment of good eats, unfortunately, it also coincides with the cold and flu season. The temperature drops, the heat gets turned up and the sounds of muffled coughs ring throughout the air.

College students, being at their busiest, tend to sleep less and work harder which makes them more susceptible to illnesses. That’s why throwing in some cough drops, anti-cold medication and other illness preventatives like Airborne and Halls are good items to add to your care package. A cozy fleece blanket is great for students who like to curl up on the couch of a dorm lounge and get some last minute cramming in.

Easy solutions that tend to work! Don’t forget some hand sanitizer and tissues!

Extra Goodies

College Care Packages: The Holiday Push - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Blogs.WF.com

Lastly, there are other simple additions to a college care package that can seal the deal for those final few weeks. Without giving too much away before the big gift giving time during the holiday season, it’s easy to add in items like hand lotion, gum, warm hats and gloves, and even some of your college student’s favorite coffee. Small additions like these are practical and will be much appreciated during those last few weeks. Bonus idea: Include a framed photo of a special memory together to remind them they can get through finals week!

So whether you want to keep your college student motivated with some yummy treats or keep them healthy for the holidays, a care package is a quick and easy way to get them through and show how much you care.

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