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Is your favorite college basketball team still alive? After a day full of upsets, plenty of college basketball fans woke up a little on the angry side of the bed today. If your team is still in the hunt, there’s a long journey ahead.  Say your team continues advancing. It gets through the first weekend unscathed. It wins a few more games. All of a sudden, your team is one of the four remaining. Would you pay to go to the game?

It could be the trip of a lifetime. Though it’s not the championship game, advancing to this stage is considered by some to be the pinnacle of the college basketball season. If your team were to advance to this stage, you’d have an expensive decision on your hands. How much is it worth it to you?


This year’s final two games take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, on April 5. While tickets have already sold out to the general public, there are still ways for you to get your hands on some tickets. has tickets starting at $300. Parking passes are priced just under $80. When you throw in a couple hot dogs and beverages, along with a souvenir or two, your cost is fast approaching $400. If you were to go to the game, you most likely wouldn’t go alone, right? Tack on another $300 ticket (at the cheapest), and extra food and beverages, and that’s one expensive three hours of entertainment.

Hotel and Travel

The costs don’t end there. Unless you live close to Arlington, you’ve also got to account for hotel and travel accommodations. The cost of a plane ticket will vary greatly depending on where you’re departing from. The cost of a night or two in a hotel will also increase significantly the closer you stay to the stadium. It’s not unreasonable to assume that with flight and hotel costs alone, you’ll find yourself spending over $1,000.

If you’re serious about attending the game, check out FanDeavor. It’s the only website you can book hotel, flight, transportation and tickets all in one place.


Now that you’ve got an idea of what kind of money it’d cost you to watch your favorite team fight for a chance to advance to the final game, do you think it’s worth it? How many of you have ever paid the high costs and gone to the game? Do you think it was worth it? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. If I had the money it would be worth it. I don’t even own a HD t.v. I’m still content on watching the games at home though. Saves me the money I don’t have.

  2. As much as I would love to take my family on a much needed vacation, the expense is way above my means at the present moment, but the excitement to go and fellowship with others would be the bigger blessing in it all. For me it’s about meeting and greeting others. And to share a testimony of how good God is, how he will make a way out of no way, when your money is funny and your change is strange; “HE” and only “HE” can work it out! And “YES” I would pay the money if I had it for us to go and enjoy ourselves.

  3. I had the opportunity a few years ago for the Final Four and my team got beat in the Elite Eight, I just couldn’t see wasting money to watch teams I really didn’t like, especially one that just beat my team. I would love to see them, I just wish I didn’t get so upset and nervous watching at home, live would be crazy. Make it happen Quicken!

  4. It would be insane n not worth it. Not even a loan for it. Bad enough smaller events could have you financially unsound. I just got custody of my son n we’ve watched his n my little cousin Duke Mondy beside Travis Bader all this year fight to get there. My MSU! If I could see that live it be fun. I wont be making horrible financial decisions. Corporate America send 100 free ppl. Make a party in the lobby outside the ev3nt at near by hotel. Go over after its won. Take them to meet the champions. You show some support.

  5. Should your team win the National title all costs will seem well worth it. If not, $300 per ticket to watch a basketball game in a football stadium, $12.00 beers, $8.00 hot dogs, $25 programs, $50.00 parking, $200.00 hotel rooms, $500.00 flights may seem a little absurd.

  6. It is worth every penny. We went to NOLA and saw our Wildcats win it all!! We were among 70,000 UK fans and it was awesome. Walking down Bourbon Street in a field of blue and white – everyone was awesome! Even shared a cab with Kansas folks trying to get to the Superdome in a thunder storm!! Every one was in a hyper and fun mood! What even made it more special is that Jimmy Buffet had a free concert – outside – that place was rocking and so were we after winning the championship game. Yes – it was costly but I was lucky that I was in a good place financially and could enjoy this once in a lifetime!! Just do it – you will never forget it as long as you live!

  7. As a big college basektball fan, going to the final 4 is for sure on my bucket list. However, spending $1,500+ is nowhere near in my budget right now, as I am a college student. So the question is, is it worth it?? For a man that has the money? Yes of course.

  8. Born in Dayton, from Dayton, in Dayton at least once a week, live just outside Dayton. This is a city nearly a century out of its prime so I can’t help hope that UD’s surgical offense goes the distance. Pick’d em to lose next round, but would gladly sacrifice that pick for my hometown. On topic however, I wouldn’t pay a grand for a tourney trip. I would rather have a hundred K and watch it on the couch. Quicken is giving away 2million in the top 20 brackets. They are not giving away tickets to the big game, however. GO Flyers!!!!!

  9. Absolutely worth it! I had the opportunity to go to the 2006 BCS National Championship game (football) to see my Gators beat the Buckeyes down. We paid $600 each to get in – one of the Bowl officials let us in, we paid him cash, and then he took his passes back. He must have made a fortune that day!! Luckily, we found some empty seats and were able to enjoy the game in relative peace. Like you said, the $600 doesn’t factor in the plane ticket, hotel, rental car and food, but it was an amazing experience, one that we will relish forever. Of course these days with kids, mortgage, car payments and grad school expenses, doing something like that is out of the question financially!!

  10. ha definitely not worth it. LOVE MY ARIZONA WILDCATS but I got a t.v, room, and food at home!!!!! Save myself about %90 of my money that I did’nt have

  11. The question was if it is worth it?
    To this I must answer of course it is when the stage is set and all that stands in the way is one game from reaching the final. The moment in which your team all of a sudden turns from a pretender into a contender you have to be there. In my case my favorite team being CAL (who didn’t make the tournament) If given the chance to see another team represent the PAC-12 I would definitely take it. The PAC-12 has some of the nations top teams which if they make a deep run can become contenders for a national title. Arizona and UCLA are two of the teams I see making a run into the final four if they stay focused and injury free.

    Second question have I ever payed a huge amount of money to see a game?
    Luckily I have not, being a college student you have to be careful on how you spend your money. But one game that I still remember from this passed season that would have been worth the money paid for would be the upset of CAL on then ranked #1 Arizona. Luckily student tickets are not as expensive as to what the general admission tickets cost. But that game it obviously wouldn’t matter given the buzzer beating shot Cobbs hit.

  12. With the cost of me having to pay the cost of a funeral for my kid i can’t go would love to but my priority is more important

  13. I have attended two Final Fours and have found them to be worth every dollar, the first was in St. Louis at the Checker Dome in 1978. My team has never won the championship when I was present but that did not spoil the enjoyment and thrill of attending. Kentucky beat Duke that year. Mercer knocked Duke out of the tournament this year but I would still go to Arlington to the Final Four because there is nothing like it. Nothing!

  14. If I had the money I would go in a heartbeat, it’s a once and a lifetime experience rite there, you can’t pass those up. It’s such a pipe dream though… I would love to go but could never afford it… It’s always been a dream of mine, like winning the power ball so I could take care of my whole family. I wish everybody’s team best of luck and may the beat team win 😉

  15. If the longhorns made it to the final four it would be SOOO WORTH IT. even if I had to work overtime for the rest of my life! HOOK EM HORNS! !

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