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The turkey has been eaten, the shopping has begun and now it’s time to decorate! Last year, I shared some interesting Christmas tree themes I ran across during my holiday jaunts around town. This year, I found several more to adopt if you want to change things up from the traditional red and green decorations associated with the most wonderful time of the year.

Buying enough decorations to deck each bough of your tree can start to add up. You can find ornaments at $100 each or find ones at the dollar store. With such a range in price, picking a theme you love is important, because changing it often can affect your wallet. Here are several themes that, if you decide to invest the time and money, will make dressing your tree a joy year after year.

Check out the slideshow to see examples of how to achieve each look!

Ice Palace: With the Frozen frenzy not winding down anytime soon, it’s no wonder there are trees decked out in Elsa, Anna and Olaf ornaments. However, you don’t have to stick with only Disney-licensed ornaments. You can fill a white or frosted tree with princesses, unicorns, crystals and bows. The great thing about this theme is that the color scheme leans toward white, silver, purple, blue and soft pastels. This means you can keep the tree up all winter long, especially if it’s in a child’s room. A fun touch is to add a tiara as the tree topper!

Masquerade: Venetian masks aren’t just for Mardi Gras or Halloween. Use them as ornate and colorful expressions amid feathers, butterflies, beaded garland and jewel-toned spheres. Harlequin ribbon and white lights can help set off glittery masks and tasseled fleur-de-lis ornaments. No color is off limits; you can go with traditional Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple, vibrant colors like teal, pink and yellow, or rich pairings like dark red, navy blue and silver.

Snowman-y Wishes: There’s something special about creating a snowman after the first real snowfall of the year. But if you live in a climate that doesn’t see much snow, you can still bring this winter favorite into your home with a snowman-themed tree. Create a focal point with a large snowman in the center of your tree and surround it with other snowmen. Use scarves as garland and fill holes with twigs and berry branches. Use a top hat as a tree topper and add ornaments like snowflakes or fun chalkboards that say “Let It Snow.”

Jolly Old St. Nick: Some people collect nutcrackers or angels, and some people collect Santas. What better way to display your love for the man with the bag than by dedicating an entire tree to the magic he represents? Place Santas of all different sizes around the tree and consider adding cookie ornaments or classic toy ornaments like teddy bears, trains and baby dolls. Wrap small empty boxes with printed paper and bows to make them look like gifts on the tree.

Frosted Feathers: This theme is about creating outdoor scenery using a mix of birds like owls, cardinals and blue jays, and adding feathers and birch tree items as accents. Think ornaments that look like windowpanes, small birdhouses and feeders, and snow-covered sparkly branches. Glittered peacock feathers add whimsy if clustered at the top of the tree, and burlap ribbon can serve as garland.

Retro Recollections: Old-fashioned Christmas items are making a comeback, with brands creating lines of ornaments, light-up houses and trinkets that resemble items you might find in your grandmother’s house. A fun way to make use of old or tarnished ornaments is to assemble them together into a retro wreath to accompany your tree. Cut vintage Christmas cards into shapes and transform them into ornaments! Add strands of bubble lights, plastic bell ornaments and heaps of tinsel to recreate that retro feel of Christmas past. Place a train set at the bottom of the tree and reminisce about the good old days!

Bronzed Beauty: Burl Ives may have sung about silver and gold, but if there was a remix, he might include a shout-out to bronze. This metallic color looks great with just about any other color, or you can keep your tree dressed in various shades of bronze, chocolate and champagne. Imagine an evergreen tree dripped in smoky topaz colors and sparkling acorns, or a flocked tree with some natural pinecones for a more woodland look. Bronze means third in the Olympics but this shade is medal-worthy of first place this holiday season.

What Christmas tree ideas have you seen? Does your tree have a theme? We’d love to see your pics! Tag @QuickenLoansZing on your Instagram photos!

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