Christmas Decor Ideas - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWhen it comes to preparing your house for the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in red and green decorations, right? Hang some holly here, place some garland there, etc. However, there are so many options you might not have thought of that can help bring out your personality or favorite colors in a festive way.

You don’t have to incorporate a theme throughout the entire house; you can focus on one room. For example, I have a candy theme in one of the rooms and the tree is bursting with sweet treats, while a village scene features houses of gumdrops and gingerbread men. I even have a mint-chocolate scented candle that makes you wish you could eat everything in the room!

Many home decor stores have holiday decorations that can give you ideas. If you need some inspiration, I’ve assembled several themes I spotted while on my holiday decor travels. Open the slideshow below so you can feast your eyes while reading! The stores where I found my examples are in Michigan, and their sites can be found in the links. Feel free to reach out to them if you see anything you like!

Black & Gold: Not only are these my high school colors, but they look expensive when brought together in a sparkly way – so of course this color combination made the list! The tree seen here is actually upside down and dripping with golden snowflakes and gilded finial ornaments. The matching Santa, dressed in regal black and gold, would make a great statement in a foyer. I also spotted these art-deco-looking trees at Hobby Lobby, which could anchor a mantle display or, since they’re narrow, could be used to brighten up any area that’s small on space.

Blue Christmas: Elvis Presley would be proud of this tree! Decked out in hues of blue, turquoise and teal, the colors really pop on this flocked tree. I instantly broke into the famous song while admiring the snowflakes and snowballs peeking out of the branches bearing clear lights. Blue poinsettias would not only look great surrounding a blue or white tree, but they’d make a lovely and unexpected hostess gift – especially for anyone who celebrates December’s birthstone.

Christmas Elegance: Matte-finish ornaments, satin-wired ribbon and glittered branches create a warm ambience on this tree. Rich jewel tones in various textures, like these purple blown-glass ornaments, make for a sophisticated arrangement. I found a display with a color scheme that crosses between gold, silver and copper. It was unusual, sparkling and elegant when paired with evergreen garland. Gold-tipped trees on risers of various heights and angels with gilded wings caught my eye with their ethereal appearance.

Crystal & Silver: Themed trees are everywhere, and one that really stood out to me was covered in crystals, silver ornaments, furry white stockings and strands of pearls; it seemed like a tree Prince would have at his house. The white tree with crystal icicles and frosted lights reflected a true winter wonderland, but it was the details that really caught my attention. Oversized rhinestone brooches were pinned to the slate-gray beaded ribbon, creating the ultimate sparkle and shine! Take a hallway mirror to the next level with ornaments and crystal chandelier strands, and ice your mantle with frosted trees, candles and reindeer.

“Downton Abbey”: It’s no secret this show about life across the pond has taken America by storm, and it can take over your home, too. Official “Downton Abbey” ornaments featuring the cast, mansion, automobiles, and tea and crumpets can adorn your tree, and you can add a faux-fur wrap for even more elegance. A complimenting wreath with official teapots and teacups adds a twist to this seasonal symbol. You can apply this concept to other pop culture favorites such as Star Wars, old western movies, or even cartoons!

North Pole: Think Santa, elves, toys and wrapped packages when achieving this look. This tree features toy cars, neon-pink peace signs and cottony snowman ornaments. You can also include stuffed toys, like the purple monkey on this tree, decked out in bright and pastel colors. You might consider adding a train display or surrounding your favorite Santa with classic toys like teddy bears, slinkies, crayons and more. Get creative!

Peacock & Ombre: The beautiful colors inherent in peacock feathers such as teal, purple and green make for a timeless display. You can create a full mantle with a vase of peacock feathers, sparkling ribbon, glittery sprays and a faux peacock from your favorite craft store. You can even outfit your tree with various sizes of peacocks – even clip-on ones placed at the tips of branches. Another design you can create with these colors is the ombre look, which is a gradual increase of color from one end to the other. This purple tree starts with silver and lilac and ends with deep purple and eggplant ornaments. You could do an ombre tree with the shades of blues and greens that are associated with peacocks, and clip a few of the feathered fellows to the branches.

Sugar & Spice: As mentioned earlier, I have adopted this theme at my own house and it brings me joy to take out all the sweet treats and be on the hunt for new additions each year. Here, you’ll see Mark Roberts fairies designed with chocolate, peppermints, milk and cookies, which are part of my personal collection. The sweet tree here has chocolate-covered strawberry ornaments, gingerbread people and houses for an interesting combination of pastels with red and white tablecloth ribbon. Check out this tree made of bare branches with popcorn balls, popcorn and cranberry garland and red berry lights! I also found pink and yellow poinsettias, so if your room will be in all pastel colors, you can likely find these unusually colored flowers in your neck of the woods too!

Tropical & Sea Life: Do you live in a warm climate that doesn’t see snow? Does a Douglas fir seem out of place? Why not decorate a palm tree? Do it up with flamingo ornaments, island drink lights and Hawaiian leis. Check out this sea life tree with sandcastles, lobsters, crabs, octopi, jellyfish, dolphins and even clamshell lights! The mermaid was the star of the show for this tree in rust, gold and silver, with ornaments featuring seahorses, sparkling shells and beaded conches. Dramatic!

Victorian: When it comes to vintage and Victorian themes, the color spectrum sits at both ends, with lightweight pastels or heavy jewel tones and rich textures. The top four photos feature pink, lilac, silver and, as a focal point, a Victorian snow queen! Sparkling pink pinecones are nestled next to blooming roses in ornate birdcages, creating a soft color palette that will look appropriate through February. If you prefer richer colors, check out these red velveteen-clad Victorian carolers by a lamppost, or this vintage Christmas mantle with glass spheres and candle hurricanes even Scrooge might appreciate after his revelation.

Woodland: Whether you’re an outdoors lover or you simply want to be surrounded by the beauty of nature in its winter form, the woodland look is for you. This tree brings together brown, gold and bronze poinsettias, while other examples feature twig spheres, acorn clusters, owls, cardinals and clip-on golden butterflies. I found this chalkboard-art wreath made of wood at T.J. Maxx that would make a great addition hanging from a hutch, or even on a table flanked with pillar candles.

You can spend a nice chunk of change on decorations, but there are items available for whatever budget you have – you just have to go on a little decor hunt like I did! Now that you’ve seen some ways you can decorate for the holidays, how will you show your personality beyond the red and green? We’d love to see your pics! Tag @QuickenLoansZing on your Instagram photos!

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