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If you’ve been hearing about the current super low interest rates, you’re probably wondering what they mean to you, and how they can help you. If you have a car loan, you could get a new loan and save money. If you own a home, you could refinance your mortgage and save money. If you’re in the market for buying a home, you could buy a home at a low price with a crazy low interest rate, AND, guess what? Save money!

Ok, so you probably knew this, but maybe you don’t know where to get more information about refinancing or buying a home? I guess you could get into your car and drive to your closest bank. Hopefully you’ll get there before closing time…

OR, you could just go to QuickenLoans.com and chat online with one of our Home Loan Experts! Yes, you heard it right, you could learn about your mortgage options while you’re still in your PJs.

You’ll have an easy time finding plenty of information throughout our website and Zing! Blog, but sometimes you just want to talk to someone who is…ALIVE. Someone who can answer your specific questions.


We’ve expanded the number of Home Loan Experts who are available for online chat. What does this mean to you? Less wait time! You could have all your questions answered before you finish your cocoa.

We’re always looking for ways to make your experience better. Choosing how you get in touch with us, when it’s convenient for you, will make your Quicken Loans mortgage experience even more enjoyable.

Go to QuickenLoans.com today and find out what we can do for you!

Or, if you prefer, give us a call at (800) 687-0522.

We look forward to helping you.

This Post Has 57 Comments

  1. I am so upset with Quicken Loans, Nobody is updating my files. This has been going on for two months. I suppossed to have my closing and they didnt set a date yet. I had three different agents . I also get on the chat line . They all tell me different stories. I need to close. I just got a bill from Citizen One for $2, 318.00 . due May 25 which Im not going to pay. My agent told me that Citizen One sent them that 30 day pay off, but another agent said they were waiting for the document. I hope you can help me please thanks Joyce Hince

    1. Hi Joyce:

      I’m going to get this to our team to research your situation. After that, someone will reach out to clarify what’s happening in your situation. I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  2. I am “in process” of a cash out home refinance to improve my loan rate combining my old mortgage and HELOC from another lender. I have received a new LOAN ESTIMATE (LE) document from my lender, following the actual appraisal submission, with changes from their original LE which was based on an estimated property value. The new LE indicates a new monthly payment because I now have to pay Mortgage Insurance for the first 5 years of the new loan.
    1. Does this mean I have been approved for loan based the terms indicated on the new LE?
    2. I live in New York State. Can a lender give a cash out refinance mortgage for more than 80% of the appraised value, approximately 85%.
    Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi John:

      Thanks for reaching out!

      1. Nothing is ever official until the loan closes, but yes. You’re being offered a loan assuming all the underwriting checks out based on the terms in your loan estimate.
      2. Cash-out refinances above 80% of the appraised value only offered for those who are eligible for a VA loan, at least among the major mortgage investors (FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, etc.) That said, if you would like to go over your options you can do so with one of our Home Loan Experts at (888) 980-6716.
  3. Need a quote on a VA loan on a home in Tennessee listed at $525,000. I’m currently in the process of selling my home in Alabama or leasing with an option to buy.

    1. Hi SLM:

      Thank you for your service! You’ve come to the right place. We can help you look into her options online if you prefer through Rocket Mortgage or you can give us a call at (888) 980-6716. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi there, I am in the closing process on my loan. We have been going back and forth for months on buying this house because of a mistake the lending company made. After the seller accepted our offer I went to khols and applied for credit (I’m a first time home buyer I had no clue how big of a no no this is). How likely is it that before closing they will deny me?

    1. Hi Chelsea:

      Before I give you any kind of answer here, I want to be very clear that every mortgage company has different policies. However, while this is a no no, applying for a store credit card shouldn’t be as big of a deal as if you applied for a car loan where that would immediately be added into your debt-to-income ratio. Just try not to charge the card. I don’t think it’s likely to be a problem, but we can’t say definitively. I’m sorry.

  5. Looking to sell our current home and purchase another home.
    Husband wants me to be on the loan but I have a credit of 570. He has good credit in mid-700s. His income is higher than mine (at least $2600/month) – but combined our income is at least $4500 /month.
    My question is, is it best to have just him on a loan with good credit but showing less income -or- both of us on the loan even though I have terrible credit, but includes both parties income?

    1. Hi Jessi:

      For the purposes of mortgage qualification, lenders have to use the FICO® Score of the person with the lowest median credit score. At 570, you’re very close, but you’re not quite where you need to be. The minimum credit score for FHA qualification is 580 and you would have more options with a 620 credit score. One option would be to use only his income. The other option would be to work with one of our Home Loan Experts to see if there any things we can do to get your score up to a level where it can be used. You can give us a call at (888) 980-6716. I’m also going to give you a link to our friends at Rocket HQ℠ where you can get your free credit report and score every week. More importantly, you’ll get tips on how you can improve your score based on the information in your report. I hope this helps!

  6. Hey i’m in the process of looking for a home to buy. This will be my first home to purchase. I’ve already gotten approved for another loan but I wanted to know could I apply for fha loan still also.

    1. Hi Tandrea:

      I see that you’re working with us. I’m going to have someone reach to go over your best options. We’ll always get you in the best option possible, whether it’s conventional, FHA or anything else.

  7. Hi,

    I want to purchase a home in the next couple of months but my sister has asked me to co-sign on for a house she is trying to rent. I trust that she will certainly pay her rent, but she needs me to co-sign for income purposes. Will being a co-applicant on a rental agreement/lease affect my chances of being approved for a home loan?

    1. Hi Candace:

      It certainly could. As a cosigner, you become legally responsible for that rent payment. The mortgage company has to factor it into your monthly DTI as if you were making that payment every month. You might still be able to get a house, but you might not be preapproved for as much, for example. Hope this helps!


  8. Hi there. I have a few questions.. I am applying for a mortgage, and my realtor decided to send it to a mortage company rather than to a lender.
    I was skeptical at first but after speaking to the actual owner, I was convinced. My questions to him were:
    1) interest rate
    2) closing costs
    3) origination fees
    To what he repplied:
    1) I can get you the lowest interest rate because your score is 800, the best we can do is 4.375. fixed 30 years.
    2) closing costs is usually 5 or 6 % of the selling price.
    3) we don’t charge points.
    And I went ahead and said yes. However, now that the lender is sending the preliminary documents, I see that there is an origination fee
    of $5, 843.
    The selling price was $203,333, however the document shows $206, 789. ( $3,456 ) on top of the selling price.
    Closing costs are $14, 132, minus the $3,456 that are being financed into my mortagage, that’s like 7% closing costs not 5 not 6 like he told me. I am almost at the end, the loan was approved with some contingencies, but now that I see the documents from the lender I am so confused, and upset. Please give me some advice,

    1. Hi Carmen:

      I can’t give you specific figures on how we would compare in the comments section because every situation is different. I can assure you that our lending process and costs are transparent, though. If you would like to go over your options yourself online, you can do so through Rocket Mortgage. If you feel more comfortable talking things over with one of our Home Loan Experts, you can reach us at (888) 980-6716. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!


  9. Hi

    I’ve tried to use your online chat system, but can’t see an option for it. Someone has used my email address to sign up to your services re refinancing. I have received an email about “my” refinancing request yesterday, and another today saying you’ve been trying to reach “me”.

    Please can you contact the lady in America who has *actually* registered her interest, and request she stop using my email address. Please can you also remove my email address from any account she may have set up.

    Thank you
    Someone in UK who unfortunately shares her name with a computer-illiterate American

    1. Hi Kym:

      I’m going to get this over to our client relations team so we can have someone check on that for you. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

  10. I have put in a mortgage application with my bank it is approved pending seeing documents of financial history of an account from a Gift Letter. The paper work is taking to long to get to the broker.
    My question, The money has now been in my account for 90 days — can i apply for a mortgage some where else and not show them the gift letter/financial history due to it being overseas and a time crunch?

    1. Hi Alex:

      We can look into your options, but if you happen to use FHA, you’ll need documentation. I’m going to recommend you talk to one of our home loan experts by calling (888) 980-6716 and we can see if you have any options.

      Kevin Graham

  11. I am a first time home buyer and I qualify for many first time home buyer incentives as well as my employer’s home buying program. I want to know can I use these funds for the down payment in order to buyer a more expensive home or are these grants/incentives just for closing costs?

    1. The preapproval amount is generally completely up to the lender and based on your income, assets and credit. I would say that in general, these grants are for the down payment and closing costs. You can get more information from one of our Home Loan Experts by calling (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Yadira:

      If you’re on the mortgage, but not on the title, it could just be to acknowledge that the loan is being paid off with the sale of the home. I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it.

      Kevin Graham

  12. Hi, I have had my house refinanced this year MAY-16. Its a conventional loan for 30 years. I was looking at occupancy clause which “Borrower shall occupy, establish, and use the Property as Borrower’s principal residence within 60 days after the execution of this Security Instrument and shall continue to occupy the Property as Borrower’s principal residence for at least one year after the date of occupancy, unless Lender otherwise agrees in writing, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, or unless extenuating circumstances exist which are beyond Borrower’s control”

    I am getting married next month, I am planning to move out of my principle residence and move in with my wife in a different house. Is it okay to move out of principle residence with in 8-9 months since loan was closed in the event of life changing event like “Marriage” and If its not okay moving out then what are my options?


    1. Hi Aani:

      You probably just need to make your lender aware of what’s going on. Lenders may have different policies and there are reasons they are put in place. However, in your situation, I don’t think your request is at all unreasonable. Congratulations on your engagement! That’s very exciting.

      Kevin Graham

  13. So i was recently pre-approved for a mortgage loan for $170,000 and i gross monthly $5000. Only problem is I just brought a car not knowing it would hurt my chances of closing this deal. But the loan company doesnt know it yet and im in the mist of searching for a house but Im not sure if ill be able to get it since i just purchased a new car. Just so you know my situation my monthly debt averages $790/mo with the new car payments included in that. My debt to income ratio is now %16 vs being %8 before Now My score is about 660

    1. Hi Rickie:

      Assuming that you are correct about your debt-to-income ratio, it sounds like that’s low enough that it probably won’t be a problem. Your credit score will take a bit of a hit for a while because you just applied for financing for the car, but if it’s 660, you should be okay.

      Kevin Graham

  14. I can’t seem to catch a break. Scores currently in mid 500’s, renting a house that I want to purchase…purchase price is $309k. I have great job, great income (~gross $10k monthly). The seller is great and willing to do anything to help including cosigning if we can find the right product (He has excellent credit). He even considered adding me to the existing mortgage but the current lender/mortgage don’t allow.

    1. Hi Charles:

      You’re going to have a hard time qualifying for a mortgage with a credit score under 580. You might be able to work out a land contract that you could eventually transition into a regular mortgage. I’m going to have you talk to a Home Loan Expert by having you call (888) 728-4702. They would be able to go over your options. Also, we have QLCredit where you can get your free credit report without affecting your score and it will give you personalized tips on ways to improve your credit situation.

      Kevin Graham

  15. Hi,

    I need to know how many late payment can you have until you can refinance your home? I was told every 6 months you can only have 1 late payment, is that right?

    Thank you,

    1. Unfortunately, I really can’t give you a definitive answer to this because it depends on the type of loan you’re applying for. The best thing for you to do would be to get in contact with one of our bankers by filling out this form or calling 888-728-4702.

  16. Hello,

    Looking for some advice on a FHA loan situation. My wife and I purchased a home in October of 2013 we currently reside in that home with an fha mortgage that she and I alone have been paying and on time since.

    On our original loan, my credit was not up to snuff for the qualification process and my in laws graciously consigned the loan with my wife since her income by itself was not enough to qualify.

    Together, my wife and I make enough to qualify but my credit was not good enough at the time. I am wondering if since we have been making the payments almost two years now and can prove via financial records. I am wondering if there could be a way to remove my in laws and add me to the loan via a streamline refinance process? Or would it take some sort of more intense and stringent process?

    1. Hi John:

      We’d love to someone reach out and work and all your refinance options, both streamline and otherwise. They’ll be in contact.

      Kevin Graham

  17. My Daughter has Autism, are there any housing loans that help with obtaining a lower mortgage, Interest rate, etc…

    1. Hi Rachelle:

      I don’t know about any programs specifically for that, but we can certainly help you look into your options. Someone will be reaching out.

      Kevin Graham

  18. I’m a first time home buyer. If I want to purchase a home in one town can I use land that i already own in another as my down payment?

    1. Hi Liz:

      I’m assuming you mean you want to sell the land and use the proceeds as a down payment. I’m going to get you to a Home Loan Expert to help you with your question.

      Kevin Graham

  19. What are my options to get a loan to buy a house in a different state for my family to live in? Currently we reside on CA but the house prices are atrocious. I want to buy a house in my husband’s home town in Indiana for him and our kids to live in while I continue work in CA. Will I be able to get a loan to do that? And if so, would it be for the same amount that I qualify for a home in CA?

    1. Hi Carrie:

      There are a variety of factors here. I’m going to have a Home Loan Expert reach out to discuss your situation in more depth.

      Kevin Graham

  20. Ok I make about 45k a year and i want to buy a property for less than 20k. I want to take out a small 30k loan and pay it off in 5 years. however i have terible credit like 500 something. so my connundrum is that i have the money to pay for the bill but i don’t have good credit to quilify for most morgages

    1. Hi Kenneth:

      You’re correct that you wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage with that credit score. Typically, to get a mortgage, the property value also has to be $30,000 or more. For your situation, you might take a look at applying for a personal loan, but it would help to get your credit back in order first. This blog post has some tips on how to build your score back up. Good luck!

      Kevin Graham

  21. How do you determine how much more your mortgage will be after an interest rate has been increased? My mortgage payments go to Ocwen LLC unfortunately. In October the payment was $1,097 and the interest rate was 6.875%. This month the payment was $1,438 and the rate went up to 7%.

    1. Jessica-

      it’s impossible to comment on your current situation, but ARM mortgages are tied to the LIBOR rate and they ride the market. It does sound like you’re in an extremely high rate right now, and it’s a really good time to refinance. I’m going to send your comment to one of our Home Loan Experts to reach out to you.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Nicholas! Yes, you can include the closing costs as long as you have enough equity to roll it in. In other words, it depends on your specific situation. It looks like you spoke with someone from Quicken Loans® this morning. Did you get the information you needed?

  22. I will find my help elsewhere, I have clicked 3 different prompts for live chat and you don’t. Once, I got a chat window with ‘Richard” but the moment I entered my 1st question the window closed. This is bull.

  23. If I settle a bad debt for a lesser amount does that help or hurt my score? I am a first time buyer and know all 3 scores and am currently working on raising them there are only 2 negative accounts showing and I can’t seem to get a credit card to help raise my score. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sean! I’m going to put you in contact with one of our mortgage experts. They’ll be able to discuss this is more detail with you.

  24. Our current mortgage was bought by a different company. They r telling me that they are not set up to take half payment every two weeks. I don’t believe them. Please help. Never have I heard of such a thing.

    1. Hi Penny, we’re not sure how your specific mortgage company is set up but I’ve passed your comment on to our team of licensed mortgage experts to see if they can help.

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