Investing In 2017: Why It Could Be Tricky

Investing in 2017: Why It Could Be Tricky

As an investor in 2017 – whether you’re a veteran or new to the game – there’s a lot to consider, especially considering the incoming presidential administration. All that said, there are some industries you should consider in the new year.

5 Ways To Find Start-up Funding For Your Small Business

5 Ways to Find Start-up Funding for Your Small Business

So you’ve got an idea for a startup. That’s a good first step on the long staircase to entrepreneurship. From this point, you’ll need to make a plan and find the necessary resources to get your business off the ground. Let’s dive in to a handful of ways that you can prepare and get the funding you need to turn your bright ideas into a reality.

Negotiating Cheaper Prices On Nearly Everything

Negotiating Cheaper Prices on Nearly Everything

Negotiation seems like a lost art form, and it can change how much you pay on everything from hotels to insurance. By arming yourself with comparison information, inquiring about specials or simply asking for any available discounts, you can save yourself money on some of the most expensive purchases. Here are five areas of your life where a bit of verbal elbow grease can completely change your life.

10 Movies With Real-Life Financial Lessons

10 Movies with Real-Life Financial Lessons

Most people go to the movies to escape from it all, but if you watch carefully, you can find real-life lessons about your finances on the big screen. If you’re tired of stressing about your bank account, try these 10 enjoyable ways to absorb some seriously good money lessons the easy way.

8 Ways To Spend Less Money On Child Care

8 Ways to Spend Less Money on Child Care

Before I became a parent, there was no way I could have predicted just how expensive it is for child care. We had to readjust our budget to make it work, but I wanted to know how other families fared when it came to child care expenses. I talked to other parents to learn how they reduced their child care costs, and I’m sharing this helpful information here.

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