What Is Escrow? Answers To Common Questions

What Is Escrow? Answers to Common Questions

An escrow account is an account held by a third party who manages the funds. Mortgage escrow accounts are held by your mortgage lender or other escrow holder to pay your property taxes, homeowners insurance and possibly homeowners’ association fees (if you have them). Payments are made to the appropriate parties when they’re due.

Veterans Honored At Detroit Lions Salute To Service Game

Veterans Honored at Detroit Lions Salute to Service Game

On November 20, the Detroit Lions held their Salute to Service game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. While the Lions were busy beating the Jacksonville Jaguars (26 to 19), we treated four of our serviced clients, who are also veterans, to an extra special Quicken Loans Dream Seats experience.

Give The Gift Of Home For The Holidays

Give the Gift of Home for the Holidays

If you’ve closed on a loan with Quicken Loans, you received three Silver Card codes that you can give to friends and family so they can get $750 off their next home loan refinance or purchase. When’s the last time anyone gave you a $750 gift?

Interns In Detroit: Seeing The City Differently

Interns in Detroit: Seeing the City Differently

When I thought about what an intern was, I pictured a college student who was there to learn about the company while grabbing coffee. Well, my idea of an intern has changed now that I’m an intern with Quicken Loans. The Quicken Loans culture is so vibrant. I walk into work happy, knowing that I’m going to make a difference today.

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