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Intro (0:00 – 0:47)

Just like the other seven podcasts, this is where we tell you what you’re going to hear in episode eight. It’s crazy. Crazy eights. Yeah!

What I Learned Buying My First Home and Why a Home Inspection Is a Really Good Idea (0:48 – 17:10)

Knowing what to expect when you buy a home is a good thing. Very important. Like, I would have loved to know that the property taxes that were reported to me on my first house would actually triple once the sale went through. Everybody forgot to mention that to me. Lesson learned.

To help you avoid such tragedy in your life, we’ve brought in Chrissy Brackel, a copy editor at Quicken Loans, and Wayne Baumgartner of Cornerstone Inspection Services. Chrissy talks about her home inspection, how easy the home buying process was and how hard it was to get homeowners insurance. Chrissy also highly recommends using a real estate agent and talks about how lost she would have been without one.

Wayne has done thousands of inspections and found some crazy things. Like a really nice condo that was only seven years old and had a leak that completely rotted the walls from the inside out. Ouch. Yeah, getting a home inspection is a really, really good idea when you buy a home. You don’t want to have a “gas line” moment. Listen to this joyously great segment here (or above).

Income Tax Tips and Preparing for Tax Day (17:11 – 43:12)

Do you have a job? If so, you pay taxes. Actually, you have to pay taxes even if you don’t have a job. The IRS doesn’t play.

To help us understand the incredibly complex world of taxes, we’re joined by Nancy Winkler Spalding, a senior manager at GHD CPAs and Advisors. Nancy has a master’s degree in the science of taxation, something I think is both awe-inspiring and horrifying. She explains why we all have money taken out of our paychecks for taxes. And she explains what happens when you don’t pay all your taxes on time or owe too much on April 15.

She also helps us understand when it’s a good idea to use software to do your taxes, and when it’s a good idea to have a professional help you. Sean writes off his toilet paper, so he goes to a guy who knows how to make that happen. And a question I’ve wondered ever since I got married is finally answered: What is the difference between filing jointly and filing separately when you’re married? She answers this and much more in this super timely and helpful segment. Listen to segment two here (or above).

Home Brewing – Making Some Dang Good and Tasty Beer (43:13 – 1:00:06)

Beer. Glorious, glorious beer. Justin Riopelle, the brew master at Detroit Beer Company, joins us and tells us what makes a really good brew. It’s all in the ingredients (yeast, barley and hops). You need a good wort, yo.

Justin explains what wort is. And how different types of beer have been produced in different regions of the world for the past 7,000 years. Justin walks us through the basics of how to get started making a good brew. You just need to take a few steps and wait for the magic alchemy that turns the wort into something tasty and refreshing. Justin has some advice – keep it clean and keep it simple. That’s advice a guy like me can wrap his head around. Listen to segment three here (or above).

Conclusion (1:00:07 – 1:01:16)

This is where we thank everyone who helped us with episode eight and thank you for listening. Without you, we would have no podcast.

Finally, we always want to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or email us at Podcast@QuickenLoans.com with any feedback or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes. From beautiful downtown Detroit, episode eight is now history.

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