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Buying a house is a huge milestone, and sometimes when you’re caught up in the task of finding your dream home, you’ll feel pressured to close the deal before you inspect every nook and cranny. In our How to Buy a Home series, we’re breaking it down piece-by-piece so you check out everything that’s important before committing to one house. This week, I’m going to walk you through what to look out for in the doors and windows of your potential home.

Overall Functionality

Make sure your doors and windows are efficient now, as they can be pricey to replace later on. First, walk through the home and open and close every window and door. Make sure they all close completely and open easily without sticking. Check that the doorknobs and window handles are strong and easy to pull. If the doors have locks, check to see that they work. Look to see if there are noticeable gaps at the bottom of top of your doors that will cost you in energy bills later. Last but not least, note how many windows the house has and if they’re positioned in a way that allows natural lighting to enter your home during the day.

Age and Condition

Look to see if your windows are storm or thermal glass. If you aren’t a window expect and aren’t sure what the difference is, bring a knowledgeable friend with you who’ll be able tell what’s what. Basically, storm windows have two panes with air in between them, and thermal windows are one thick insulated pane. If your windows do end up being two-paned, make sure there isn’t a build of condensation between them. If any water was let in, that means the seal broke and you’ll have to pay to have them repaired or replaced.

Window and Door Style

After you’ve inspected all the technical features of your windows and doors, take a look around at the style. Are the doors and windows outdated? Is the paint on them chipping? Some special features to note include door walls and bay windows, which are a unique touch to any home. Bay windows offer additional space for seating or to place decorations, and door walls are nice for entertaining and spending time in your yard.. The glass doors that often come with door walls are helpful for big families and parents who need to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts.

Now you know the ins and outs of what to check off your list for windows and doors next time you’re walking through a home. Good luck and happy hunting!



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  1. Remembering to look closely at doors and windows can save you more than just the replacement or repair costs; it will also save you on your utility bills. When heat and cold easily enter or escape your house, you’ll overcompensate by cranking up whichever you require to be comfortable in your home. These are definitely great tips for house hunters.

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