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Post Series: A Month Without a Dirty House
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Let’s talks about home products! This week, we’re looking at some of the best tools to keep our homes clean. Today we’re talking to Michael Silverman, senior vice president of marketing for Butler Home Products.

PC: For those of our readers who don’t already know, could you give us an overview of Butler Home Products?

MS: Butler Home Products is a varied consumer products company that makes non-electric cleaning products for your home under some of the best known cleaning brands – Mr. Clean®, Clorox®, Dawn®, Gain®, Black + Decker and more!

PC: My wife and I just purchased our first home in December, so we’re still figuring out which cleaning products we need to have around the house. What would you say are the basic cleaning supplies that every household needs?

MS: First, every house needs a few basic tools – a great broom, a dustpan and brush set, a cotton mop, a lint roller, reusable and disposable gloves, assorted sponges, some kitchen brushes and a bucket. That should cover the basics.

PC: When looking for cleaning products, does brand actually matter? Why not get all of my household items from a dollar store?

MS: Brand does matter! You want a product that works. Brands carry a warranty, offer innovation and selection and so much more.

PC: Generally speaking, how have cleaning products changed throughout the years? How is my broom different than something my great-great-grandmother would have used?

MS: Chances are that your great-great grandmother used a corncob broom – we still have corncob brooms, but we also have other types of bristles that work better than corn on your kitchen floor! Cleaning products, like all other household products, have evolved with the technology. We now have an entire assortment of microfiber products that didn’t exist years ago. We have disposable cleaning products that are based on new technology. We have the Magic Eraser®! You can’t live without that!

PC: Just between you and me (and our readers), how long is too long to have a sponge in the sink?

MS: I like to clean my sponge at least once a week and replace it once a month. Longer than that, I think it gets too stinky!

PC: How do you keep your own home clean during the week? Do you have any tips?

MS: Mini cleanups are key to making the house presentable. We also stagger our cleaning. One day mopping, one day bathrooms, one day dusting – that way you do a little at a time and don’t waste your entire Sunday cleaning. And don’t worry – nobody cares if your house isn’t immaculate – except your mother-in-law! My wife says it will never say on her tombstone “and she had a really clean house.”

PC: Out of all the products you offer, which is your favorite and why?

MS: There are so many cool products we sell, but I think the Dawn sponge with SuperFabric Scrubber is my favorite. It works really well and nothing sticks to it. I use it all over the house!

PC: This week we’re talking about keeping our homes clean when we have pets. Do you have any cleaning tips/suggestions for our pet owners?

MS: Lint rollers! They pick up all the pet hair. You can use them on all different surfaces.

PC: How often should I be cleaning my kitchen? And are there certain products I should be using to keep my counters clean and the oven range clear from grime?

MS: You can use a number of different things. It all depends on how messy your cooking gets. I find Mr. Clean wipes a handy kitchen tool or Dawn sponge cloths. You can use them with Dawn dish liquid to cut the grease – or even a mixture of water and white vinegar.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about all the different tips on keeping the house clean without breaking my back doing it. I look forward to more suggestions and tips as I tend to have some bad habits regarding clutter.

    Thank you
    C. Cricket Thornburg

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