qlrobotOur Information Technology team has this thing called Bullet Time. Each week, they get four hours to do whatever they want. Anything. They work for a mortgage company and they want to build a robot? No problem. Go right ahead.

That’s exactly what Chris Welsh, an IT business planner, did. He and some fellow teammates wanted a way to communicate better with off-site team members. Often, team members will work from home and conduct meetings by phone. Chris and his team built a robot that allows the off-site team members to have a “presence” at the meeting table.

Bullet Time is all about promoting teamwork and innovation and getting our team members to work on projects they choose, rather than what they’re assigned. The idea is that the innovation will lead to really cool things. Like a robot.

The video tells the full story, so I’ll stop writing and let you watch it. This video does a great job encapsulating one reason why Quicken Loans was named by Computerworld magazine as the “#1 Place to Work in IT” in America in 2013 and 2014.

Let us know if you have any questions about the robot, working at Quicken Loans, Bullet Time or anything. I will be happy to answer. Enjoy the vid!

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