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Summer is finally here! With longer days come dazzling sunshine, cotton-candy-colored sunsets and time in the water. Why not reflect these summer colors in your home? Here are some tips to swap out dark colors and heavy fabrics for bright, summery color schemes!

Accent Colors

For people who tend to stay away from bright colors, follow the “small pops” theory. Add brightness to a room by making easily changeable home decor choices. You can choose one or multiple (if you’re feeling adventurous) new shades to spiff up a room. Some simple swaps include new pillows, throw blankets, light fixtures or curtains.

Window Treatments

What’s a better way to illuminate your home than by letting in the bright summer light? An easy way to add natural light to your home is by changing your window treatments. Switch heavy winter curtains with some crisp, light window treatments to invigorate your home. Energy-efficient shades give the added bonus of reflecting heat to keep your home cool during the warm summer months. Now you can enjoy the summer sun and avoid the heat from a cool sunlit room.

Dining Ware

Want to add some bite to your summer dinner party? Use colorful bowls, plates, platters, pitchers and cups to display some delicious cuisine. Try picking colors that highlight fresh summer ingredients, like lemon yellow, lime green, candy apple red and zesty orange.


Channel the beach in your home with vases in shades of blue that resemble the sky or water. Buy some opaque vases or get your hands dirty and repurpose some old glass bottles and jars by turning them into vases. It’s easy to find step-by-step instructions for DIY vases. Now you can intensify the color in your fresh summer blooms by showcasing them in a vase equally as colorful.


Do you ever longingly look out your kitchen window while wishing you were at the beach? Channel the beach by installing a backsplash in light, shimmering shades of blue, aqua and teal. Glass tile backsplashes reflect light, which makes the room seem bigger. Now your kitchen or bathroom will be as blue as the ocean and seem almost as vast.


If you want to incorporate summer colors in your home in a bigger way, add more permanent accents in bright shades. Shades of yellow and orange evoke feelings of happiness, energy, cheer, and warmth. You could paint an entire room or an accent wall in a shade of these sunny colors. You could also repaint wooden furniture like bookcases, cabinets, and coffee tables to add highlights in a dark room.

Front Door

When changing home decor, many people neglect the outside of their home – but curb appeal is just as important as updating the interior of your home! A fun way to polish the exterior of your home is to paint the focal point, your front door, a fun summery shade. A bright front door will highlight summer landscaping and make your home extra inviting.

Want some creative decor to go with your colorful home? Check out our seven creative decor ideas for spring and summer.

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