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Setting up your LinkedIn profile the right way is important to set yourself apart. That’s why we talked to our very own Brittani Holmes, a Talent Strategist on the Talent Acquisition Team, to give you tips on what she looks for in a candidate’s profile as she’s sourcing.

Holmes’s tips will help you boost your LinkedIn profile to make you more marketable for that job or internship you’ve had your eye on.

Brand Yourself

According to Holmes, your LinkedIn profile should be an extension of your personal and professional brand.

“Having a profile picture is a great start,” says Holmes. “You can always go for a non-traditional headline on your profile too.”

With a profile picture, you’re showing employers the face behind the work. And, having a headline could help you stand out from the rest.

Get Personal in Your Summary

By getting personal in your summary, you’re showcasing your personality to people viewing your profile.

Holmes recommends not to just share what you excel at professionally, but to share some of your personal interests outside of work as well.

“Don’t hesitate to drop in key words related to your skill set throughout your profile so that you have a higher chance of showing up in recruiter searches,” says Holmes.

Post Content

Holmes claims not to be afraid of sharing content from people you’re connected with and from other companies.

“Don’t be afraid to post different content that interests you on your page,” says Holmes. “You can also join groups that share content regularly.”

Ask for Recommendations

If you’ve had a great experience with someone professionally, Holmes stresses not to be afraid to ask him or her to write a recommendation for you.

“Don’t be afraid to write recommendations for other people too,” says Holmes.

Add Links or Media on Your Profile

It’s important to show employers what you’re capable of. That’s why having your resume and website displayed on your LinkedIn profile will easily showcase your skills.

Holmes also says not to be worried about posting videos, links and more to your page as well. Show the employers looking at your profile what you’re capable of.

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