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Awesome White Elephant Gifts Under $25 Dollars - Quicken Loans Zing BlogYankee Swap, Secret Santa, Grab Bag, White Elephant – whatever you call it, there’s a good chance that you’ll be a part of a gift exchange this holiday season. White elephant gifts are usually something inexpensive – humorous tchotchkes that you most likely won’t be jealous giving to someone else. So whether it’s for your office Christmas party or a family holiday gathering, here are a few white elephant gift ideas ranging from off-the-wall to practical.

Classic Coffee Mugs

  • Toilet Mug
    • There might not be anything more humorous than watching a co-worker or a family member drink their morning joe out of a 12 oz. toilet bowl. This is a classic gag gift that will surely get a lot of laughs.
  • Self-Stirring Mug
    • Perfect for hot chocolate or tea, this battery-powered coffee mug has a conveniently placed button on the handle that relieves coffee drinkers from all of the tiresome stirring.
  • Camera Lens Coffee Mug
    • The best part about this coffee mug is that it comes with a lens cap lid that keeps your drink hot or that comes off to put your snacks in.

For the Office

  • Cleaning Putty
    • Yes, this exists. Use on keyboards, remotes, mouse, cellphones, calculators, etc. and this magical putty will lift unwanted dirt and grime, and leave your electronics smelling lemony fresh.
  • USB Drives
  • Clever Sticky Note Pads
  • The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag
    • The lunch-bag bandit will never strike again with these cleverly disguised plastic bags that mask your food with ugly green mold spots.

More Want than Need

  • Nyfork
    • Knife and fork is so last century – now you can slice your food and eat it to with just ONE utensil, and it’s dishwasher safe.
  • Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Machine
    • This one is truly incredible. No need to go out for an Egg McMuffin. This handy tool will cook eggs, toast the bread, melt the cheese and then put it all together to create a wonderful breakfast treat.
  • Potato Chip Bag Re-Sealer
    • I am going to buy this one for myself. Stale chips will be a problem of the past with this awesome re-sealer tool that locks in freshness so you can enjoy every last chip.
      Text-able Winter Gloves

      • This winter season, keep warm while texting with these awesome gloves that have special touch screen reactive material in the fingertips.


  • Beard Beanie
    • Struggling to grow that winter beard? No fear! The beard beanie won’t just keep your head warm, but also your face warm while rocking some awesome facial hair.

Plain Silliness

Even though this is a blog about gifts for others, it’s understandable that these ideas might be too good to be true not to own for yourself – so feel free to splurge and get that potato chip bag re-sealer you’ve always wanted!

What other white elephant gift ideas do you have? Share in the comments section below!


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