Patrick Chism

Born and raised on a farm in the Ozarks, Patrick has a knack for making the best out of the worst situations. Where others see flooded farmland, he sees lakefront real estate. Where others see an infestation of bees, he sees free pollination and a upstart honey shop. Specializing in frugal optimism, Patrick’s articles will help you make the most out of the least, maximizing your returns while keeping a close eye on the wallet. When he’s not writing for Zing, Patrick likes hiking, gardening, reading and making healthy foods taste like unhealthy foods.
Patrick Chism

Articles by Patrick Chism

Investing In 2017: Why It Could Be Tricky

Investing in 2017: Why It Could Be Tricky

As an investor in 2017 – whether you’re a veteran or new to the game – there’s a lot to consider, especially considering the incoming presidential administration. All that said, there are some industries you should consider in the new year.

5 Ways To Find Start-up Funding For Your Small Business

5 Ways to Find Start-up Funding for Your Small Business

So you’ve got an idea for a startup. That’s a good first step on the long staircase to entrepreneurship. From this point, you’ll need to make a plan and find the necessary resources to get your business off the ground. Let’s dive in to a handful of ways that you can prepare and get the funding you need to turn your bright ideas into a reality.

Enter The Zing Clean Slate Sweepstakes Today

Enter the Zing Clean Slate Sweepstakes Today

From January 3 to February 10, 2017, you can enter the Zing Clean Slate Sweepstakes for your chance to win $4,000. The more times you enter, the better your chances are to win. If you’re looking for that extra push to get your finances in the right place, this is the right sweeps for you!

10 Movies With Real-Life Financial Lessons

10 Movies with Real-Life Financial Lessons

Most people go to the movies to escape from it all, but if you watch carefully, you can find real-life lessons about your finances on the big screen. If you’re tired of stressing about your bank account, try these 10 enjoyable ways to absorb some seriously good money lessons the easy way.

How To Time Block As A Real Estate Professional

How to Time Block as a Real Estate Professional

As a real estate professional, you know that your greatest resource is your time. And time has a tendency to slip away under the stress of the day-to-day grind. Time blocking could help you make the most of your day, so let’s dive into some of the basics and the tough realities that come with it.

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